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5 sustainable products for kitchen design

With the design industry placing increased importance on sustainability, we take a look at 5 sustainable products for kitchen design.

14 Sep, 21

With the design industry placing increased importance on sustainability, we take a look at 5 sustainable products for kitchen design.

Cosentino | Silestone Sunlit Days


Mineral surface brand Silestone by Cosentino has introduced Sunlit Days, reportedly the first carbon neutral collection in the quartz and engineered stone market.

Demonstrating the brand’s commitment to sustainable surfaces, it is offsetting the CO2 emissions of the entire life cycle of the Silestone Sunlit Days series.

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This has been achieved by Cosentino calculating its carbon footprint, reducing impact and offsetting emissions by participating in offsetting projects.


CTD Architectural Tiles | Recycled and sustainable collections


CTD Architectural Tiles has introduced four collections which boast high recycled content and Cradle to Cradle certifications.

Manufactured by Vives, the Yuri range is made with 90% recycled materials and boasts the highest recycled content of any of CTD Architectural Tiles’ portfolio.

The Global range by Mosa offers the specifier a one-stop-shop for classic salt and pepper style unglazed porcelain with Cradle to Cradle certification and Three-D collection, designed to make a visual statement, has been made from 62% recycled content.

Completing the line-up, made from 47% recycled material CTD Architectural Tiles has also renewed and extended its Tinte collection.

5 sustainable products for kitchen design


UK manufacturer of water-saving devices, Neoperl has introduced the Mini Ecobooster aerator for the kitchen tap.

It can be switched from water-saving flow to full capacity, allowing the tap to be on eco-mode for general use but boosted to a fuller flow when required.

The flow device can be retrofitted to most kitchen taps, and the protruding sleeve can be pulled to switch into boost mode, returning to the water-saving default after closing the tap.


Reginox | Aquadzi


Sink and tap manufacturer Reginox has now introduced Aquadzi, a 4-in-1 tap that delivers filtered boiling and filtered cold water alongside standard supplies.

The mixer lever can be pulled forward or back for hot and cold water, while a one-tap sensor releases filtered water and a touch and hold frees the boiling water.

It means the Aquadzi offers a myriad of environmental benefits, reducing one-time use plastic bottles as consumers have filtered water on tap.

In addition, it also boasts energy-saving benefits as it only heats the volume required for the instant hot water.

Whirlpool | SupremeSilence washing machine range


Home appliance manufacturer Whirlpool has developed a range of washing machines that feature an Extra Silence programme and are the quietest in its portfolio.

Boasting an overall ‘A’ rating for noise output, the SupremeSilence range features a direct drive ZenMotor and casing that minimises vibration.

To meet the needs of eco-savvy consumers, the washing machines also benefit from 6th Sense technology, plus AutoDose and WaterSave features.

By sensing the size of the load and monitoring the wash programme, 6th Sense adapts the cycle to optimise resources, which Whirlpool claims saves up to 45% energy and 50% water.