Blanco introduces Sity sink

Colourful accessories and mixer with a choice of four silicone shower hoses

14 Feb, 19

The latest Sity sink and VIU mixer tap from Blanco UK is joined by accessories SityPad, a chopping board, and the SityBox caddy.

Blanco introduces Sity sink

SityPad accessories come in Kiwi, Orange, Lemon and Lava Grey and can be matched by the VIU mixer tap which is offered with a silicone hose in all four colours.

Made from Silgranit PuraDur, the Sity sink has a draining ledge with a raised square ridge, to allow the SityPad accessories to sit in place.

It boasts a wide and deep bowl and provides room for the SityBox caddy, which has a drainage slot, and can be used for storing wet sponges and cloths or leaving cutlery to drain.

Measuring 1000mm, the Sity sink is available in Anthractite, Rock Grey, Alumetallic and White and comes with an Infino basket strainer.

Blanco has recently introduced the ArchPro series of professional mixer taps.