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Most popular Bosch appliances now in one collection

Collection includes built-in and freestanding models

07 Jun, 19

Bosch award-winning appliances and most popular models have been brought together in one collection.

Bosch award-winning appliances in one collection

The 12-strong Bosch collection includes freestanding models, which all have a five-year warranty and eight built-in appliances at a range of price points from Serie 4 to Serie 8.

Included in the freestanding line-up is the Which Best Buy? Serie 6 washing machine with iDOS automatic dosing (WAT286H0GB) and Serie 6 dishwasher which features PerfectDry technology to dry plastics like Tupperware (SMS67MW00G).

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The built-in models include the Serie 4 built-in oven (HBs573BS0B) and Serie 4 hood (DWQ66DM50B), through to the Serie 8 washing machine (W1W28500GB).

A stand-out feature of the Serie 8 washing machine (shown0 is a Reload function, which allows users to add forgotten items to their wash.

The complete 10-strong collection includes:

  • Serie 6 WAT286h0GB washing machine
  • Serie 6 WTWH7660GB tumble dryer
  • Serie 6 SMS67MW00G dishwasher
  • Serie 4 KGN34XL35G fridge freezer
  • Serie 4 HBS573B50B single oven
  • Serie 4 PIE65IBBIE induction hob
  • Serie 4 DWQ66DM50B hood
  • Serie 6 SMV68M00G integrated dishwasher
  • Serie 6 KIN85AF30 G fridge freezer
  • Serie 6 KIR81AF30G integrated fridge
  • Serie 6 GIN81AE30G integrated freezer
  • Serie 8 W1W28500GB washing machine