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Built-in coffee machines | Rethink the daily grind

During the lockdowns consumers replicated barista experiences at home, but what will be the longer-term factors driving built-in coffee machine sales?

03 Oct, 22

During the lockdowns consumers replicated barista experiences at home, but what will be the longer-term factors driving the sales of built-in coffee machines?

Kuppersbusch coffee machine

Available in a white and black finish, the Kuppersbusch CKV 6550.0K Series 5 fully automatic built-in coffee machine offers five programmable cup sizes and starting time


When hospitality outlets were closed during lockdowns, consumers sought to create their own at-home café culture.

Unsurprisingly, it saw a growth of built-in coffee machines as kitchen refurbishment projects spiked.

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But as the UK has returned to normal, has this been mirrored by a decline in sales?

Head of category, consumer products, at BSH Home Appliances Novia King reports: “Interestingly, if we compare the current demand for coffee machines to pre-COVID times, there is still growth.”

However, and expectedly, the increase of sales is not at the same rate as before, due to the current economic climate.

Quality coffee boom

But the demand for this hot beverage has not abated. The British Coffee Association reports in the UK we now drink approximately 98million cups of coffee per day.

Built-in coffee machines | Rethink the daily grind 1

Offering a choice of 13 barista coffees, the Fisher & Paykel built-in coffee machine can be programmed to save favourite drinks and produce them at the same time each day. It also includes a self-cleaning function


And while 80% of UK households buy instant coffee for in-home consumption, particularly consumers aged 65+, the association states ground coffee and single-serve coffee pods are becoming increasingly popular, particularly amongst millennials.

And Brits are prepared to spend on coffee. According to a story in The Independent, the average Brit will buy three drinks from a café or coffee shop and drink 10 cups of instant coffee. It amounts to £303 spent on coffee each year.

By including a built-in a coffee machine in a kitchen specification, it could ultimately save consumers money by brewing at home, which could become essential in challenging economic conditions.

Novia King of BSH Home Appliances comments: “Swapping a take-out coffee for one made at home will save consumers money in the long run. “However, she points out the built-in appliance tends to be purchased to match a lifestyle.

And Jo Jackson, market product manager at Fisher & Paykel, agrees, stating the convenience of at-home, barista-style coffee is an attractive proposition: “It is indisputably more affordable in the long run to make coffee at home.

“It is also far more appealing and convenient to be able to make a coffee as soon as you wake, rather than travelling to a coffee shop, joining a queue, and paying for coffee.

Home working drinks

Interestingly, this convenience has been further exacerbated as more people have opted to work from home, bypassing the opportunity to visit a coffee shop en route to the office.

CDA built-in coffee machine

Available for use with ground coffee or beans, the CDA VC820SS offers three strength settings and has a steam nozzle for frothing milk. It has an integral 1.8 litre water tank, so doesn’t need to be plumbed in.


Jo Jackson of Fisher & Paykel says: “With elements of working from home remaining a permanent situation for many, the commute staple of a takeaway coffee has been replaced by an uncomplicated and enjoyable home brew.”

In fact, managing director of Kuppersbusch Bodie Kelay says the growth of home working offers kitchen specialists a sales opportunity: “Retailers can tap into the working from home trends, highlighting the dual benefits of enjoying a barista-style coffee days and taking time out in the evening to entertain friends and enjoy an after-dinner coffee.”

Connected trade-up

For consumers interested in at-home coffee, there are a raft of appliances available enabling retailers to encourage their clients to trade up.

Built-in coffee machines | Rethink the daily grind 3

The Neff N90 C17KS61H0 built-in fully automatic coffee machine uses the Senso Flow System to create full-bodied brews. It can be used with the Home Connect app to select coffee temperature, size and strength


Intuitive touch screen displays, a variety of drink options and Wi-Fi connectivity can inspire people to spend more money.

Novia King says BSH coffee appliances can be controlled by voice, with Alexa and Google Home able to activate a coffee machine at a favoured time.

She points out consumers using the Home Connect app can also select coffee temperature, size and strength, adding: “One of my favourite features is the CoffeePlaylist, also found in the Home Connect app.

“It allows consumers to add several coffees to a ‘playlist’ along with the name of the person who ordered it. The coffee machine will then make each coffee in the order requested.”

But are built-in coffee machines destined to be the next Teasmade, which slipped from must-have gadget to technological pariah?

Appliance experts say not. Jo Jackson concludes: “The explosion of brewing coffee at home is here to stay, as homeowners begin to realise the quality and convenience that owning a coffee machine brings.”