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Caple unveils built-in fridge freezer

A++ rated Ri7305 built-in fridge-freezer introduced

26 Jun, 18

Appliance specialist Caple has introduced the A++ rated Ri7305 built-in fridge-freezer.

It features Caple Fresh, which eliminates ethylene gas, and a cool airflow system to maintain an even temperature throughout the refrigerator.

The Ri7305 is remarkably quiet; with a maximum sound level of just 41dB (normal conversation levels are 59dB). It measures 545 x 540 x 1770mm and is estimated to consume 226kWh/year.

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Luke Shipway, product manager, said: “With our new Caple Fresh technology, our integrated Ri7305 model makes the perfect choice if you are looking for a prolonged shelf life from your fresh produce.

“This appliance also looks incredibly neat and stylish, with sliding door installation, electronic controls and a smart, deluxe steel trimmed interior.”

The brand was introduced in 1995 and has grown rapidly ever since.

Caple unveils built-in fridge freezer 1