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Crystal ovens unveiled by Bespoke Projects

Embellishment across steam oven, multi-function oven and vacuum drawer

26 Sep, 19

At the Minotticucine kitchen showroom in London, Bespoke Projects has unveiled what it claims to be a world’s first – crystal ovens

Bespoke projects creates crystal-encrusted oven


Bespoke Projects had taken standard 400 Series Gaggenau ovens and transformed them with more than 84,000 crystals, across a combination steam oven, a multi-function oven and a vacuum drawer.

The appliances are exclusively on display at Minotticucine London, and boast a customisation cost of £25,000.

Crystal ovens unveiled by Bespoke Projects


They are made by the company dismantling the door and removing the steel panel from behind the glass.

This panel is then customised to the clients’ requirements, whether that is a baked lacquer metal/specific colour finish, digitally-printed vinyl wrap or embellishments to offer crystal ovens.

Cost and the time taken to complete the customisation depends on the work required to meet the design specification.

The company only works with Gaggenau appliances which must be bought through an authorised dealer.

Customisation can be arranged prior to installation with the Gagganau dealer or can even be arranged post-installation.

According to the company, customisation does not affect the warranty of the appliance and all customisation comes with a lifetime warranty.

London-based Bespoke Projects was formed in 2018, with over 15 years experience in the luxury kitchen industry.

Celebrating its 70th anniversary, MinottiCucine also revealed its Terra kitchen made from solid cast bronze.