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Dekton | Uyuni

Decor inspired by natural salt flat

08 Jul, 20

Ultracompact surface brand Dekton by Cosentino has added Uyuni to its portfolio, which it claims is “the most pure and smooth white currently available on the market”.

Dekton | Uyuni

The white tone with an icy and crystalline appearance has been inspired by the visual purity of the largest natural salt flat on the planet.

It features a matt finish for a textured feel and, according to Cosentino, enables “innovative spaces and architectural designs to come to life with an extraordinary sensation of spaciousness, light, order, cleanliness and freshness.”

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Dekton is created using a mix of inorganic materials and manufactured using an ultra compaction processes.

Alike all the decors in the brand, Uyuni is resistant to scratches and heat and can be used in kitchen and bathroom areas including worktops, flooring and wall cladding.

Cosentino has recently introduced its Collection 2020, which includes the Dekton Portfolio series.