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Dometic | Renewal of entire wine refrigeration range

Refrigeration includes Design Range, Classic Range and Essential Range

07 Oct, 20

Swedish refrigeration manufacturer Dometic has renewed its entire wine refrigeration range with models that exceed requirements of upcoming EU legislation.

Dometic renews entire wine refrigeration range


All models are labelled with the top rating for wine refrigeration Class A+ and A, which complies with the legislation enforced from March 2021.

The Dometic refrigeration collection spans Design Range, Classic Range and for the first time entry-level models – Essential Range.

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Design Range refrigeration has been created to fit in kitchens as part of its decor, with almost all models featuring dual temperature zones to store red and white wine.

Boasting a three-layer glass door, UV light filter and full-height LED lights, Design Range refrigeration models also have an air circulation system, water tank and carbon filter to store and age wine.

With no external grille, they span from 7-bottle capacity up to 115-bottle capacity and include a built-in column model.

The Classic Range of appliance are mono zone cabinets with wooden sliding shelves and can store wine between 5 °C and 22 °C.

They have an external grille and span a 20-bottle capacity model up to refrigeration for 125 bottles of wine.

Completing the line-up is the Essential Range, available with solid black or glass doors and from a capacity of 29 to 195 bottles.