PREVIEW: Abode Thermofier tap

24 Mar, 14

At kbbBirmingham Abode previewed its remote-controlled steaming water tap

At trade show kbbBirmingham, Abode previewed its remote-controlled steaming hot water tap, Thermofier, giving visitors a first look before its launch in June. Thermofier comes in the choice of a modern or classical-style body, with ceramic handles, and offers hot and cold water, as well as filtered cold water and steaming hot water. The steaming hot water option is only available when a magnetic fob is held near the tap body. At all other times, it can be stored out of the way of children, on a cooker hood for example, and the tap body is insulated. 

A full review of kbbBirmingham is featured in the April issue of Kitchens & Bathrooms News.