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We look at how filtered water taps can save the planet, please the palate and enhance wellbeing, all while reducing long-term household spend.

15 Sep, 23

We look at how filtered water taps can save the planet, please the palate and enhance wellbeing, all while reducing long-term household spend

Filtered water taps | Pure & simple

Renowed for instant boiling water, Quooker taps can be fitted with the Cube accessory to add filtered, cold sparkling water to the supply


There is no one reason why a consumer chooses to buy a filtered water tap, instead and happily for kitchen designers there are many.

From concerns about protecting the environment, to enhanced wellbeing through hydration, and even cost-cutting, as bottled water prices bite in the current climate, filtered water taps provide a solution for a wide variety of clients.

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A move towards a home-centred lifestyle  has accelerated and intensified the focus on water supply, which industry experts say has benefitted filtered water tap sales.

Managing director of boiling water tap manufacturer Quooker, which recently introduced a chilled filtered water accessory, Stephen Johnson points out: “There has been a significant shift in interest for and purchase of filters for our taps.

“Whilst some consumers still purchase filters separately, our CUBE accessory includes filtered water as standard alongside the sparkling and chilled modes.

Sales of filters have dramatically increased over the past couple of years. On average, 70% of all sales in the UK & Ireland now include some sort of filtration, be it as a standalone filter or as part of our CUBE accessory.”

Saving the planet

Of course, and importantly, sustainability is playing a greater role in most consumer’s lifestyles, and reducing plastic waste has become an integral part of that.

Filtered water taps | Pure & simple 1

The Vital Capsule filter tap, from Franke, has ‘above the worktop’ design for ease of installation


There has been a growing focus on reducing single use plastic bottles, with reusable water bottles a common companion when travelling and 12,00 water refill points now installed in the UK, according to Water UK.

So, it’s no surprise this same philosophy is being applied at home.  Leader of product management at Lixil EMENA & Grohe UK Ronke Ugbaja states: “Driven by a growing recognition of the environmental consequences of plastic usage and the significance of adopting a more sustainable lifestyle, a steadily increasing number of consumers have actively chosen to incorporate filtered water taps into their home over the past two years.”

Pleasing the palate

But why choose filtered water at all, when the source is on tap and – despite media headlines about water companies polluting the sea and rivers – is healthy to drink? It’s simply a matter of taste.

Filtered water taps | Pure & simple 2

WRAS-approved, the FOSSO 4in1 Filtered Steaming Hot Water Tap, from Caple, has a cool touch spout and comes in a choice of finishes.


According to consumer research by filter system supplier Tapp Water, half of respondents (49%) use a filter or drink bottled water, with the most common complaint about tap water being taste (32%).

Sales and marketing director of Franke UK Jo Sargent comments: “While UK legislation ensures drinking water is safe and drinkable, the taste and make-up of it does vary across the UK and having a kitchen filter tap gives the user reassurance about the purity of the water they are drinking every time.”

Interestingly, there is a tendency to associate filtered water with cold water drinks, but it also plays a part in enhancing hot beverages too. P

roduct manager of Abode Dan Biddle points out: “An interest in artisan teas and gourmet coffee grounds has placed new importance on making the perfect cuppa at home using the latest hot water tap technology, [such as 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 taps]  which is filtered for improved taste.”

Health and hydration

Certainly, there is a growing appetite for drinking water, as people are recognising the health benefits of being hydrated.

Filtered water taps | Pure & simple 3

Grohe Blue Home provides filtered and chilled water with the options of still, semi-sparkling, or sparkling water and app connectivity to track use, monitor and reorder filter and CO2


Drinking water not only improves energy and cognition levels but also sleep.

Along with an increasing number of people choosing not to drink alcohol, around a fifth of UK adults in 2017, according to the Office of National Statistics, and possible concerns by the World Heath Organisation about aspartame, water may become the ultimate go-to health drink.

Dan Biddle of Abode agrees: “Going alcohol free or being sober curious is on the rise as a lifestyle trend, so refreshing and pleasantly tasking water on tap is set to become increasingly important for more and more consumers.”

Banning the bottle

Despite a growing consumer interest in filter taps, there is still plenty of opportunity for kitchen designers and retailers, as bottled water is still the primary source of filtered water at home.

Filtered water taps | Pure & simple 4

The Abode Atlas Aquifier, available in Chrome and Matt Black, offers filtered water as well as standard hot and cold supplies


Dan Biddle of Abode comments: “We can see that overall UK shoppers are drinking more and more bottled water and according to Statista this is expected to hit 49.2 litres per  person per year in 2023, up from 45.6 litres in 2020.”

He continues: “In fact, Statisa research suggests that by 2027, 39% of bottled water will be consumed in bars and restaurants, which indicates that 61% will be enjoyed at home – suggesting there is a significant market for kitchen retailers to contemplate when it come to filtered water taps.”

And as the mortgage crisis and inflation continues to bite, filter taps can provide cost-saving for bottled water consumers.

Dave Mayer of Reginox UK explains: “With a filtered tap, consumers have an endless supply of fresh, filtered water at their fingertips, resulting in long-term cost savings.”

And Ronke Ugbaja of Lixil EMENA and Grohe UK puts some meat on the bones: “By calculating the cost of filtered water compared to leading bottle water brands, retailers can demonstrate that families can save up to 60% on drinking water costs over time.”

Trade-up taps

So the market for filtered water taps remains strong, enabling a trade up from standard mixer.

Filtered water taps | Pure & simple 5

Aquadzi, from Reginox, provides standard hot and cold water, filtered water and boiling water


However, Jo Sargent of Franke UK reminds kitchen designers and retailers “not all filtered water taps are created equal”, and she suggests a premium tap can be an investment piece.

She explains: “The quality of the cartridge technology can vary greatly, between those that offer intelligent filtering by removing bacteria, sediment and viruses, while leaving all the healthy minerals in place, as opposed to those that simply strip or treat the water.”

Whatever the price point and perfect model for the consumer, from filtered water alone through to chilled and sparkling, accomplished designers will ensure they stay on the top of the market for filtered water taps.