Franke unveils Kubus successor plus colour and tactile finishes

Sink additions, colour and launch of Wonderful Weekend campaign to reduce plastic waste at Kbb Birmingham

02 Mar, 20

On a new international stand design with the theme “Change is a wonderful thing”, Franke revealed  a successor to Kubus, additions to its Box Center range, plus coloured sinks, taps and tactile hoods finishes.

Franke unveils Kubus successor alongside colour and tactile finishes
Succeeding the Kubus undermount sink, which has been popular for the company for nearly 15 years, Franke has now unveiled Mythos MYX sink.

There are eight undermount options plus four inset models, which can be installed as an inset Slimtop or a Flushmounts, with a polished 6mm rim visible on the worktop.

With a deeper bowl than the Kubus, measuring 200mm, Mythos MYX has a tighter bowl radii of 25mm at the corner and 10mm at the base, and comes with a flush-fitting waste cover.

Sales and marketing director at Franke Jo Rawstron said: “Mythos MYX can be purchased now and Kubus will be available until the end of the year ensuring a managed phase out.

“However, we feel sure that once retailers and customers see the enhanced design and subtle but important differences, then Mythos MYX will become the new gold standard in our undermount offer.”

It was joined by three additional models of the Box Center sink with accessories,  offering a reversible design, smaller size and a variety of installations.

Plus, Franke showcased colour on its decorative hoods, such as its handcrafted glass Maris Free design, as well as taps including its Tasso filtered water tap with Matt Black and SilkSteel colour options and soap dispensers in five colour options.

In addition, Kbb Birmingham was also a launchpad for its ‘Wonderful Weekend’ campaign for retailers where they will have the chance to win a chef to attend an event at their showroom to prepare healthy snacks for guests.

Retailers can get involved by purchasing a Box Center and Vital filter tap at display rate for showcasing in their store.

They will receive a free marketing pack to help them organise their Wonderful Weekend, a free Vital tap to give away during the  event and branded Chilly refillable bottles to encourage a move away from single use plastic.