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Haier introduces its new dishwasher the I PRO Shine 7

SPONSORED CONTENT: From clean to shiny - Haier introduces advanced technology in its new dishwasher the I PRO Shine 7 

21 Jun, 24

SPONSORED CONTENT: From clean to shiny – Haier introduces advanced technology in its new dishwasher the I PRO Shine 7 

Haier introduces its new dishwasher the I PRO Shine 7


Haier’s new dishwasher, the I PRO Shine Series 7 stands out in the market for its advanced technologies that not only clean your dishes but it also gives them an extraordinary shine.

The smart dishwasher, which is connected to Haier’s hOn app, offers an outstanding class A energy efficiency rating. It does this through its unique sensor based technology that detects the load’s requirements and provides an energy efficient cycle to suit their needs.

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Its many features along with Haier’s 10-year performance guarantee (10 year warranty) makes this a standout product in today’s dishwasher market. Read on to discover just what makes this dishwasher a good ally in the kitchen:

Haier’s I PRO Shine Series 7 dishwasher arrives on the market with an A premium Class rating and an impressive 60% better cleaning performance that is made possible with technology that makes washing and drying a tailor-made experience.

With Haier’s new dishwasher you have the advanced technology that you expect from the number one global appliance brand for the past 15 consecutive years (Euromonitor).

And you also get the benefits of its innovative sensors, designed to optimise resources and be a valuable ally in reducing energy consumption. This makes Haier dishwashers extremely convenient for both you and for the environment.

 A Energy efficiency class

Haier introduces its new dishwasher the I PRO Shine 7 1

Acutely accurate in-built technology with an outstanding class A energy efficiency rating, the I-Pro Shine Dishwasherworks using sensor-based technologies that deliver the ultimate cleaning performance with minimum consumption, thereby delivering consistent energy efficient and water-conscious results.

I-Pro Shine’s advanced technologies are designed to eliminate all types of dirt and give your kitchenware not just a clean but also an extraordinary shine.

Its top features

This dishwasher can achieve extraordinary cleaning results due to its unique offering of technological features that work together. Here, we list seven of its top features

Haier introduces its new dishwasher the I PRO Shine 7 3

  1. It can achieve amazing results even with rapid programs. That’s because it is equipped with the new H-Spray Arm, located on the bottom of the tub. The new ‘H’ shaped spray arm gives you a rapid and more thorough clean. The spray arm sits at the bottom of the dishwasher and has been designed to move in two different directions to help the water reach those difficult nooks and crannies for an all-around better clean.
  2. It also comes with a Maxi Tub. This clever addition is perfect for those who need more space. It gives you 10% more internal volume, making this the most spacious dishwasher on the market.
  3. Your cutlery will come out perfectly clean thanks to Cutlery Shine Plus. This is an innovative patented technology integrated in the third basket, with five special, mechanical rotating nozzles and an additional spray arm for the best cutlery cleaning results. It achieves this by spraying the necessary amount of water with precision and pressure.
  4. Give your dishes the tailored care they deserve with the Flex Zone wash program. Simply load your delicate items in the top basket for a gentle wash and your heavily stained pots, pans, and plates in the bottom basket for a more intensive clean. Flexible cleaning at the same time, in the same cycle.
  5. Protect your wine glasses, crystal-ware and finest crockery with the Crystal Protect system. Dedicated double rubber supports and a protective rubber carpet guarantee the perfect layout to keep your finest dinnerware safe and supported during wash and dry cycles.
  6. Give your dishes the ultimate clean with Haier’s Power Wash. It uses extra jets in the lower basket to spray four times more water without impacting consumption. It’s perfect for cleaning your heavy-duty cookware as it effortlessly blasts away stubborn stains and baked-on food for sparkling results.
  7. Tired of having wet dishes at the end of the wash cycle? Say goodbye to drying wet dishes at the end of the cycle with Haier’s double fan system technology. Ultra-Dry transforms ambient air inside the dishwasher into warm air and circulates it around the tub for Ultra-Dry results, even on plastics.


Read more about its unique features: I-Pro Shine Dishwashers | Haier (

Haier introduces its new dishwasher the I PRO Shine 7 4

Natural and sustainable drying

For natural drying, you can also use this feature. Forgo hand-drying at the end of the cycle with the Automatic Open-Door system. When you select this option, the dishwasher door automatically opens by 100mm letting air circulate your dishes to help them dry naturally, while also saving energy.

Brilliant illumination

Loading and unloading your dishwasher is now even easier thanks to an internal light that sits above the baskets to illuminate everything inside.

Manage your settings with ease

Effortlessly manage your wash settings with the intuitive display. It shows you everything you need to know about your wash settings, including the water consumption, temperature, and programme duration, as well as the amount of energy you’re using via the Eco index. So you can easily choose the most efficient wash cycle depending on your needs.

Smart savings with AI

Take the guesswork out of choosing the right wash settings with Haier’s smart sensor technologies. It uses in-built and AI sensors to calculate how dirty your dishes are and automatically adjusts the wash settings to suit the load.

This means you only ever use the right amount of water and energy, saving you time and money.

Clean little and often

You’ll never have to wait for a full load of dishes again, thanks to the Half Load Pro wash system. Simply choose a basket to load your dishes into and select either the top or bottom spray arm to complete your wash.

Not only will it help you get your dishes cleaned sooner, but you’ll never use more water and energy than you need.

Timeless and built to last

Haier’s I PRO Series 7 dishwasher has the ability to perform consistently and powerfully over time with maximum performance and extremely low consumption. Clean with confidence time and again with Haier’s 10-year performance guarantee.

Read more about the I PRO Shine’s features and discover why it is a perfect ally for a energy conscious kitchen that still wants premium results.

Haier introduces its new dishwasher the I PRO Shine 7 2

  Full feature list:

  • A Energy Efficiency Class
  • Dot Matrix UI
  • Eco Inverter Motor – more efficient and longer lasting
  • Advanced cycles and flexible zones
  • Smart Technology – automatically adjusts the cycle to suit load
  • Half Load Pro – option to wash half load
  • H-Spray arm – improved water distribution
  • Part-Light – an indication of cycle in progress
  • Powerwash – ideal for dirty cookware
  • Maxi Tub – 10% more space in cavity than standard tub
  • Foldable racks – more flexibility
  • Automatic Open Door
  • hOn App
  • Total Water Block System (HAIER H20)
  • 60% Better Cleaning
  • Cutlery Shine Plus Drawer – extra nozzles for outstanding results
  • Crystal Protect
  • Ultra Dry – Removes excess moisture from hard to dry plastics
  • Internal light – full visibility