Haier shows combi fridge freezers

27 Jun, 14

Five-strong range of three and two door models

Haier has launched a five-strong range of combi fridge freezers, boasting three 3D models, and all with No Frost technology and MyZone adjustable temperature section. Heading up the range is the three door A2FE635CRJ and A2FE635CCJ in Cool Cream and Red, offering a 347-litre capacity and 47-litre MyZone adjustable temperature section. The A2FE635CFJ model boasts similar features and comes in a silver design. The combi fridge freezer range is complete by two door models, the C2FE736CFJ with a A++ rating and C2FE636CSJ with an A+ rating.

Recently appointed country head for Haier in the UK & Ireland, Nick Portlock commented on the launch: “We are offering combi fridge-freezers at a range of price points, allowing consumers to choose the model that best suits their needs, with quality and innovative featuresacross the board.”

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