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Hoover Candy to only produce smart dishwashers

Models offering from 13 up to 16 place settings will feature connectivity

16 Mar, 20

The Hoover Candy Group has announced it will only manufacture smart, full-sized dishwashers.

Hoover Candy to only produce smart dishwashers

The company has championed connectivity since the launch of its first connected suite of appliances in 2015, and has continued to integrate the smart technology into its products.

Its full-sized dishwashers offer up to 16 place settings and now include a number of smart benefits, including downloadable programmes, voice activation, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Maintenance advice and alerts are also available through the Hoover Wizard or Candy Simply-Fi apps.

Business director of the freestanding division at Hoover Candy Group Steve Macdonald commented: “For a long time consumers have demanded products that can be tailored towards their individual lifestyle and smart appliances can offer this in abundance.

“Whilst laundry has led the way in appliance technology, there are a lot of elements making their way into other categories, such as the product recommending programmes that can wash crystal or sanitisation programmes.

“From being able to obtain additional programmes, or get maintenance advice, through to monitoring and controlling the dishwasher away from the kitchen, smart appliances can provide the flexibility that people are looking for to support their busy lives.”

Hoover Candy recently reported its has sold one million appliances in a year, with business figures double those in 2014.