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Hoover H-Keepheat oven cooks and preserves food

According to company, oven is a world first cooking and preserving food

25 Sep, 19

Domestic appliance manufacturer Hoover has launched what it claims to be a world first – the H-KeepHeat built-in WiFi oven – which cooks and preserves food up to seven days.

Hoover H-Keepheat oven cooks and preserves food


Following its unveiling at LivingKitchen in Germany, earlier this year, the H-Keepheat oven is now available to kitchen retailers in the UK.

With a 75-litre cavity, that can be split into two, it uses Exever, technology developed with the University of Parma.

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It brings methods used in commercial kitchens into the home, with a low temperature cooking technique that ensures food safety.

H-Keepheat stores food at specific temperatures, designed to safeguard against bacterial growth and at the optimum level for nutritional benefits.

Created  for busy households or people who like to batch-prepare healthy meals, individual portions of food are vacuum packed before being placed back in the oven for storage.

Cooked food, once sealed, can also be kept in the refrigerator when cooled and reheated in the H-Keepheat oven when required.

According to market research undertaken by the company, people spend 74 minutes cooking food each day, with respondents aged 25-34 spending 85 minutes.

A third (34%) of the people questioned think technology that improves and extends food preservation times would genuinely improve their lifestyle.

As H-Keepheat is a Wi-Fi connected appliance, customers can access and follow recipes through the Hoover Wizard app.

Business director of built-in appliances at Hoover Candy Group Nick Platt says: “Reheating meals in the microwave never usually delivers the same taste, nutrients and quality as freshly-cooked food, yet this is increasingly becoming the way in which many people eat their meals. Especially those that don’t have time to wait for the oven to do the same job.

“The H-KEEPHEAT is Hoover’s answer to this problem and is a healthy way to cook. By storing food in the oven at a lower, energy-efficient temperature, it is as good as it would be cooked from scratch that day – in some cases even better as the flavours mature over time.”