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Hoover | H-Wash and H-Dry

Smart laundry collection features 39 washing machines, 13 washer dryers and two tumble dryers

24 Nov, 20

Household appliance manufacturer Hoover has launched a smart laundry collection, H-Wash and H-Dry, featuring 39 washing machines, 13 washer dryer and two tumble dryers.

Hoover | H-Wash


Building on success with its former connected appliances, Hoover’s H-Wash range is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and boasts WiFi and NFC connectivity via the Hoover Wizard app.

It includes H-Wash 300 and H-Wash 500 appliances, with the H-Wash 700 to be launched in 2021.

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Both the H-Wash 3oo and H-Wash 500 offer multiple quick wash options, high temperature hygiene washes and stain level adjustment, altering the cycle length depending on the wash intensity required.

Hero of the range, the H-Wash 500 collection spans models from 8kg up to 14kg, which Hoover claims  is the largest capacity currently on the market and can wash 70 shirts in one load.

It boasts Active Balance, a system that optimises spin sycles allowing more time for washing with reduced vibration.

Selected models also offer Caredose, an automatic dosing programme which will cater for up to 21 washes.

In addition, the ‘500 series’ feature a brushless Eco-Power Inverter Motor, which Hoover says enhances cleaning action up to 60% and is four times more durable than a traditional motor.

H-Wash 500 is the first Hoover appliance to be featured on the Hon app, introduced at IFA, which will work across all Haier, Hoover and Candy products.

It has a ‘Click to wash’ feature where consumers can take a photo of the load or users can scan clothes labels and it will recommend a cycle for best care and optimal performance.

Next year, there will also be the opportunity for users to use voice control through the app to control their washing machine.

The H-Wash 300 series comes in 7kg-10kg capacities and its feature include steam functionality as well as the capacity to wash a full, mixed load in 59 minutes with Hoover’s All-in-One cycle.

Available in white, black or graphite, H-Wash washing machines feature high-positioned, wide portholes, which have been designed for easier loading and unloading.

Complementing the H-500 washing machine is the H-Dry 500 heat pump dryer which is price positioned at the top-end of the Hoover brand.

WiFi connected, H-Dry 500 dryers will be able to sense when clothes are dry and will stop automatically.

Similarly to the H-Wash, the dryer also features Scan to care  which will inform the user whether clothing can be dried in the machine and the optimal programme.

Completing the features it boasts Active Dry, which offers the user a quick drying cycle.

The latest smart laundry can be used alongside the H-Dish 700, H-Fridge 500, H-oven 300 and H-Hob 300 to create a suite of  connected appliances.

Hoover believes H-Wash and H-Dry will help the company increase its price index – average retail price – of laundry.