Instant hot water taps | Reaching boiling point

With the proliferation of instant hot water tap sales and an influx in the variety of designs, has the category reached an innovation peak?

09 May, 23

With the proliferation of instant hot water taps and an influx in the variety of designs, has the category reached an innovation peak?

Instant hot water taps | Reaching boiling point

Adding to its boiling water tap offer Quooker has introduced Front, with a top mounted lever for standard hot and cold water supplier. It uses the bezel at the base of the spout to deliver 100°C boiling, filtered or sparkling water


Sales of hot water taps have grown considerably over the past couple of years, with strong signs it has become a mature market for the category.

Manufacturers have reported double and even triple-digit growth, over the past couple of years, as managing director of Quooker Stephen Johson reports: “We’ve seen a significant growth in sales of Quooker boiling water taps.

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“Between 2021 and 2022, sales have doubled, with a 100% growth year-on-year. We are now proud to have over 500,000 taps installed in kitchens in the UK and Ireland.”

Managing director of Hotspot Titanium Nick Taylor estimates over 80% of over £10,000 kitchens now have a boiling water tap included and 20% of projects costing less than £10,000 have a boiling water tap included.

He adds: “I will estimate that some 9 out of 10 kitchen retailers will be invariably offering a boiling water tap of some kind…and then there’s the retrofit market to add to the numbers.”

Design development

However, the sales growth of instant hot water taps has not just been by relying on the introduction of instant hot water but also the upgraded designs of multiple water options, pull-out spouts, digital controls and a variety of finishes.

Instant hot water taps | Reaching boiling point 3

The drink.hot Evol-S Pro from Blanco features an integrated measuring function, allowing users to dispense the exact amount of required hot water. Featuring a flexible spout, it offers filtered hot and cold water, alongside standard supplies.


Stephen Johnson of Quooker comments: “Consumers appreciate multifunctional, all-in-one products. Since it launch in 2018, our Flex tap as quickly become the most popular, fastest-growing tap model.” And Nick Taylor of Hotspot Titanium states its Flex tap is also his company’s most popular model.

It’s no surprise, then, that new instant hot water tap company Wödår has introduced the Pro Flex, boasting a pull-out design with flexible hose.

Sales and marketing director at Franke Jo Sargent says consumers are prepared to spend more money on the latest technology: “Order values have increased as consumer are now looking for more technology from their instant boiling water taps.

“We’ve seen a move from manually operated options to premium, electronic 4-in-1 models, which make the tap easier and more convenient to use.”

She adds: “The introduction of more coloured finish options has also impacted positively on sales as it reflects the growing appetite for design personalisation in the home.”

Innovation peak

But does that mean instant hot water taps have now reached their innovation peak? Industry experts say absolutely not.

Instant hot water taps | Reaching boiling point 4

Adding to its hot water tap range, InSinkErator has introduced the Moderno Side Tap which offers steaming water only and can be used alongside a standard mixer. It is available in four finishes.


Nick Taylor of Hotspot Titanium says: “An innovation peak is still a good distance away. So much more to innovate.” He points to areas such as improved filtration, better hard water tolerance and enhanced safety.

In fact, experts believe the innovation will differ at different levels of the market, as marketing manager of Qettle Alex Rowe states: Despite the proliferation of taps, no segment of the market has really peaked in terms of innovation.

“At the higher end the opportunity is for intelligent design, so that everyone from the installer to the end users enjoys a refined and perhaps even customised experience.

“At the lower end of the market, innovation will be key to addressing the basics – build quality, longevity and safety are just examples. And across all segments, innovation will be the answer to improved energy efficiency and better eco-credentials.”

Tamsin Mills, brand communications manager at Blanco, indicates the future development of Blanco hot taps stating. “Product enhancements will include a modernised tap design with increased functionality and exciting new colour options.

“Space-saving features under the cabinet and a quicker and easier installation process will take the drink.hot Evol-S Pro to the next level of innovation.”

Greater sustainability focus

In a post-COVID world, consumers have bought into the hygiene benefits of instant hot water on tap.

Instant hot water taps | Reaching boiling point 2

The Signature Classic range from Qettle offers 4-in-1 functionality and comes in a choice of five finishes. It is available with two lever handles or a lever and round button, if clearance doesn’t allow


But with increasing price inflation, particularly on utility bills, consumers are also becoming more conscious about energy use.

Alex Rowe of Qettle adds: “Consumers from every market sector are questioning value for money, sustainability and a product’s provenance.

“As a result, even relatively affluent buyers are no longer giving retailers carte blanche with appliances without taking a careful look at the detail.”

And sustainability, allowing consumers to save energy and, just as importantly money, could encourage clients with a squeezed budget to include an instant hot water tap in their kitchen.

“In the home sustainability comes down to saving energy and water, reducing waste and overconsumption and investing in long-lasting, quality products.

“While there is an undeniable upfront cost to purchasing a boiling water tap, the benefits and savings that come with it are completely worth it in the long-term”, says Stephen Johnson of Quooker.

Service and support

However, industry experts suggest the future development and sales opportunities is not solely about the tap and boiler but will include service packages, after sales and guarantees.

Instant hot water taps | Reaching boiling point 1

Reflecting consumer demand for advanced technology, the Helix 4-in-1 Electronic tap from Franke features pan and jug filling modes


Jo Sargant of Franke UK explains the support offered for its Minerva instant hot water taps.

She comments: “The annual health check gives retailers and end consumers the confidence that our instant boiling water taps are supported by a strong aftercare service” adding it “takes the onus off the customer when it comes to maintenance tasks and gives them the reassurance that their systems is working an optimum performance.”

Whatever the sales focus for a consumer, whether as a lifestyle and convenience product, for hygiene or to save energy and money, industry experts agree the hot tap will become a default choice in kitchen design.

Instant hot water taps | Reaching boiling point 5

Designed to suit contemporary kitchens and part of the Abode Pronteau 3-in-1 tap collection is Industria which features diamond knurling and comes in Matt Black or Brushed Nickel.


Design manager of Abode Paul Illingworth concludes: “I am confident the percentage of hot water tap sales will only increase with the passing of time, so that the next generation of householders will come to see a 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 as standard in the kitchen of the future.”