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Küppersbusch presents the DW 8500.0

Chimney hood is an addition to the 2020 K-Series 5 collection.

18 Dec, 19

Küppersbusch has presented the DW 8500.0 cooker hood as an addition to the 2020 K-Series 5 collection.Küppersbusch presents the DW 8500.0

The chimney design is a mix of black glass and stainless steel, which has been designed to complement a contemporary kitchen scheme.

Performance led, the DW 8500.0 cooker hood has an A+ rating, including A rated for its LED light and fan, with a four level digital display,  and extraction rate of 580m3/h or  720m3/h at intensive power .

Using the latest rim suction technology, which is designed with a reduced intake area, the air is sucked in at a significant quicker rate than with a standard hood, reports Kuppersbusch.

Suitable for compact kitchens and rooms with different ceiling heights, the model also features an adjustable telescopic chimney section and swing-out glass panel.

All Küppersbusch extractors also offer the option to add a self-cleaning air filter with the latest Plasma technology.

‘PlasmaMade’ has been designed to remove all cooking odours, bacteria and allergens from the air.

The ‘PlasmaMade’ filter is natural and doesn’t require changing, lasting over 10 years which makes it low on maintenance and economical.

In addition, the DW 8500.0 cooker hood also features an automatic delay stop function, so the air is cleaned after the cooking process and automatically turns off when a set time has passed.