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LG Electronics unveils AI-powered washer at CES

Powered by motors with Artificial Intelligence

08 Jan, 20

LG Electronics (LG) has unveiled the LG ThinQ front-load washing machine with an Artificial Intelligent Direct Drive (AI DD) motor along with AI-powered Proactive Customer Care service.

LG unveils AI-powered washer at CES


Building on 20 years of experience using direct drive motors, the washing machine not only detects the volume and weight of each load but uses AI and advanced sensors to identify fabric types.

It then uses this information to select the optimal wash cycle, which according to LG extends the life of garments by 15 percent.

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The washer can also detect a mixed load of t-shirts and trousers (different from bedding, delicates, and other fabric combinations) and program the wash cycle to use customised motions, temperatures and times.

It means the washer can choose from programmes such as Turbowash 360 which uses jets to surround clothes and penetrate into fabrics, providing a wash in 30 minutes, or 3D Multispray which uses jets of water to break down stains.

Using automatic dosing ezDispense, the LG ThinQ front-load washing machine adds the exact amount of liquid detergent and fabric softener for each load and can connect with Alexa to provide notifications when detergent is running low.

Customers can enable Amazon Dash Replenishment via LG’s ThinQ mobile app app to automatically reorder detergent and fabric softener for delivery.

In addition to further save times and resources, the machine boasts two washers in one footprint, allowing small loads in the SideKick ‘plinth’ washer, with larger loads in the main drum.

When it comes to drying, the new LG Smart Pairing feature automatically sends the optimal dryer setting for each load directly to the compatible LG dryer for the best results every time.

Completing the line-up of features, the AI DD washing machine supports LG Proactive Customer Care, a service which can immediately alert users to potential problems before they occur, speeding up repairs.

Rolling out into North America in the first half of the year, the washing machine will be available in the UK in October 2020.

The launch of the ThinQ washer follows on from the company’s appearance at last year’s CES, where LG Electronics focused on the smart kitchen.