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Liebherr | Fully Integrated refrigeration series

In a live YouTube event, Liebherr revealed its Fully Integrated series of refrigeration which replaces its existing incolumn fridge and fridge freezers.

06 Apr, 21

In a live YouTube event, Liebherr revealed its Fully Integrated series of refrigeration which replaces its existing in column fridge and fridge freezers.

Liebherr | Fully Integrated refrigeration series


Totalling 40 appliances, the refrigeration is divided into four series – Pure, Plus, Prime and its top-of-the-range Peak models.

All the refrigeration models are supplied as ready to connect or with integrated connected technology.

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The Pure series of refrigeration features EasyFresh technology with an airtight seal to maintain humidity and keep fruit and vegetables at optimum conditions, plus a FreshAir activated carbon filter.

Pure fridge freezers boasts DuoCooling, with two refrigeration circuits, so there is no exchange of air between the fridge and freezer and therefore no odour transference.

Adding to the Pure specification and designed to provide more convenience, the Plus appliances feature BioFresh with optimum temperature and humidity for fruit and vegetables, plus meat, fish and dairy.

Plus also boasts VarioSafe storage for smaller food items, a Bottleshelf, divisible glass shelves, cellar compartments to store food between 6-14°C and soft-close mechanism.

In addition, the Plus fridge freezer comes with an Icemaker and a water tank which can produce up to 1.5Kg of ice.

Moving up the series, and adding to the Plus specification, the Prime series is focused on design and the use of materials.

The Prime series of appliances boast a LightTower, flush LED light columns, designed to illuminate the interior evenly, a SmartSteel rear wall, and advanced Touch & Swipe controls.

It also boasts an IceMaker but instead of a water tank use a fixed water connection.

At the top of the range is the Peak series of refrigeration which boasts BioFresh Professional with HydroBreeze, creating a visible cold mist to keep fruit and vegetables fresher for longer “with a wow factor”.

According to Liebherr, it keeps lettuce fresher for 12 days and apples for up to 40 days, compared to a standard fridge compartment.

Peak refrigeration also boasts fully-extendable OpenStage drawers in the fridge, Smartsteel door interior and ambient lighting.

In addition, Peak models also boast InfinitySpring, a flush-mounted water dispenser which can cater for glasses, carafes and bottles.