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Neff unveils connected appliances

Home Connect app control for oven, hob, hood, fridge freezer, dishwasher, washing machine and coffee maker

24 Jun, 19

Home appliance manufacturer Neff has added connected appliances to its portfolio.

Neff unveils connected appliances


Customers will now be able to remotely control and manage their oven, hob, hood, fridge freezer, dishwasher or coffee machine via the Home Connect app.

The app is also linked with third party apps such as Amazon Alexa and IFTT (If This Then That), allowing users to control Neff appliances using voice control.

Highlights from the collection include the B48FT68H0 Slide & Hide single oven,  which can be operated using voice control. And, when dinner is ready, the app sends a smartphone notification.

In addition, the Home Connect app offers users recipes, listing  all ingredients, cooking time and temperature, and guides you through the preparation.

The app even has a coffee menu that is similarly updated with new coffees from all over the world, and users can send their preference to the C17KS61H0 coffee machine.

By activating the SuperCooling function from the Home Connect app, it can reduce the temperature of the KI8875D40 fridge-freezer to quickly cool recently purchased groceries.

And the Home Connect app can even keep track of how many cycles have been run on the S517T80D6E dishwasher and send a notification when tablets are running low.

Completing the connected line-up is the NEFF T59TS5RN0 induction cooktop and D96IKW1S0B Creative Slim hood.

Connected via WiFi, the hood turns on with the cooktop and adapts the extraction rate to deal with steam and cooking odours.

Users can also change the light in the kitchen to suit the mood with the hood’s Ambient Light via the Home Connect app.

Group marketing manager for Neff Jo Eyers, comments, “The future of food and cooking experience has arrived. With our new range of connected appliances Neff’s Infinite Kitchen is opening up possibilities to experiment with technology but still be creative in the kitchen.

“With Home Connect, our appliances are more intuitive than ever, freeing up our cooks’ time to concentrate on what’s important – creating ever-more delicious meals for family and friends to enjoy.”