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Neolith | Six-S Collection

Abu Dhabi White, Amazonico, Summer and Winter Dala join Himalaya Crystal and Layla

24 Aug, 20

Sintered stone surface brand Neolith has extended its Six-S Collection of Himalaya Crystal and Layla with four additional decors.

Neolith | Six-S Collection


These include Abu Dhabi White  (shown), Amazonico, Summer Dala and Winter Dala.

Abu Dhabi White features golden veining and flecks of flinty grey in a choice of Decor Polished or Silk in 6 or 12mm thicknesses and formats of 3200 x 1600mm and 3200 x 1500mm.

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Whereas Amazonico is inspired by lush, dense and exotic rainforests of South America and so features dark tones which give way to lighter colours, referencing the floor through to the tree canopy.

It is available in Decor Polished or Slate finish in a 6mm thickness and comes in 3200 x 1500mm format.

Summer Dala and Winter Dala is the same design in two tones and are inspired by slow-growing pines surrounding Sweden’s Lake Siljan.

Winter Dala replicates a deep, weathered timber and Summer Dala emulates the fine texture of freshly cut wood.

Both Summer and Winter Dala are offered in a Silk finish, are available in 6mm and 12mm thickness and in a choice of 3200 x 1600mm and 3200 x 1500 formats.

All decors embrace the six characteristics of the Six-S campaign: Solidarity, Sanitary, Strong, Stylish, Sensory and Sustainability.

Solidarity signifies Neolith’s commitment to its staff, customers and local communities as well as its responsibility to help those whose lives have been negatively impacted by COVID-19.

It will ensure for every sqm of surfaces sold, the brand will donate 1kg of food to feed the most vulnerable within the territory of sale until the end of 2020.

Sanitary refers to the hygiene properties of Neolith’s surface, which has become important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Strong references the robustness of the material, while Stylish refers to how the collection has been designed to deliver detailed patterns in high definition.

Sensory implies how Six-S slabs offers a multi-sensory experience with its range of tactile, textured surfaces.

Finally, Sustainable highlights the company’s focus on ecological design, as all slabs are produced in a carbon neutral manufacturing environment.

Neolith unveiled its full veining technology at kbb Birmingham and introduced Calacatta Luxe.