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Novy Cloud now available in black

Ceiling hood is now available in black as well as white finishes

23 Jul, 19

Following the introduction of the Novy Cloud ceiling hood in white, it now also comes in a black finish.

Novy Cloud now available in black


Featuring a black aluminium frame, the hood boasts two lighting modes, for whether the hood is operating or purely providing ambient illumination.

The Cooking mode provides a choice of four levels of cold lighting, which is designed to enhanced visibility, while the variable Mood mode offers warmer tones and all are operated by a remote control

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Measuring 1100mm, the four-speed recirculation hood offers a maximum flow rate of  1010m³/h and with noise levels ranging from 36dB to 53dB.

It also includes a delayed switch-off mode which recirculates air in post-ventilation mode for 30 minutes and has a safety Auto-stop function after three hours, in case it is inadvertently left on.

It also features the intelligent Novy In-Touch function, which means that it can be paired with a Novy In-Touch induction hob beneath, and the hood can then be operated using touch controls on the hob.

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Novy’s Monoblock filters, which have been designed for recirculation only, means the Cloud boasts a “plug and play” installation.

This means that builders don’t need to create false ceilings to incorporate ducted ventilation.

Recyclable, the Monoblock filters can be removed and regenerated using low heat in the oven up to six times, or after 200 hours of cooking.

Established for over 50 years, Belgium extraction manufacturer Novy launched into the UK in 2017.