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RAK Ceramics | CookingRAK ‘invisible’ hob

Adding to its porcelain surfacing, RAK Ceramics introduced an ‘invisible’ cooking system, installed beneath the surface.

31 May, 23

Adding to its porcelain surfacing, the RAK Ceramics brand now includes an ‘invisible’ cooking system, CookingRAK, installed beneath the worktop.

RAK Ceramics introduces ‘invisible’ cooking system

It means the aesthetic of a worktop is seamless, without the interruption of a glass hob top.

CookingRAK is an induction hob which works using electromagnetic currents to directly heat the cookware.

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Produced using 14.5mm porcelain slabs, the four-zone hob comes complete with silicone pads which are recommended to use while cooking to protect the surface.

The hidden induction hob is operated by remote control or CookingRAK app to control the zones,  timer, temperature and provide a security shutdown.