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Range cookers | Colour revival and induction injection

Don't call it a comeback... but range cookers are returning to the headlines with colour, induction and digital technology influencing purchases

06 Apr, 24

Don’t call it a comeback… but range cookers are returning to the headlines with colour, induction and digital technology influencing purchases

Range Cookers | Colour revival and induction injection

Inspired by the ‘kitschens’ trend, the Rangemaster Estel Deluxe 900mm induction range features an 80-litre oven and grill and is available in six pastel shades and two classic colours


While the stainless steel range cooker was once a coveted aesthetic to create a “professional restaurant-inspired” kitchen, the more recent interior fashion for homogenous, ground  floor living spaces has arguably supported discreet, appliance banks.

But, wait… Range cookers seem to be making a resurgence, with Kbb Birmingham showcasing a new palette of pastel and bold colours across range cookers.

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And once again, they are making headlines, with technology firsts also being introduced for the sector.

Product manager for appliances at Rangemaster Robert Stein is more measured, as he says there has always been a market for range cooking: “While it may be tempting to label the popularity of range cooking as a resurgence, the truth is range cookers are a timeless staple in kitchens.

“Rather than experiencing a comeback, we are witnessing an evolution in consumer preferences.”

Traditional styling

Part of the evolution in consumer preferences has been a gentle transition to more enduring interior fashions.

Range Cookers | Colour revival and induction injection 3

The Ilve Majestic range cooker, with choice of hobs, single and double ovens and electronic control, is available in eight colours as standard, as well as RAL colour match service


Range cookers are still considered a status symbol for archetypal classical-style homes.

Catherine Jepson-Harris, social media manager of KitchenEx, which supplies Ilve range cookers, explains: “The movement towards timeless kitchens spaces has undoubtedly had a significant influence in range cooker popularity.

“Homeowners and designers are increasingly drawn to classic, elegant kitchen designs that stand the test of time, and this preference is clear from our sales.”

She adds: “It’s no surprise that for the first time since Ilve came to the UK that our Milano range cooker sales have surpassed those of our sleek, contemporary Roma collection.”

Adventurous colour

However, consumers aren’t simply inspired by the looks of yesteryear or even yesterday. They want to inject personality into the kitchen with range cookers in a palette of colours.

Range Cookers | Colour revival and induction injection 1

The Rayburn Ranger is an all-electric cooker with three ovens, grill, cast iron hotplate and two-zone induction hob, which comes in a choice of eight colours


Although nature-inspired tones and warm metallics will continue to find favour, Robert Stein of Rangemaster adds: “We will see consumers exploring new realms of colour expression, venturing into sophisticated pastel palettes and subtle yet captivating hues.”

Following the ‘kitschens’ trend,  Rangemaster recently introduced a palette of pastels for its range cookers at Kbb Birmingham 2024.

Citing consumers are becoming increasingly adventurous in colour choice, Catherine Jepson-Harris of KitchenEx exclaims: “There has been a noticeable shift away from the minimalist ‘sad beige’ aesthetics in favour of more vibrant and maximalist styles that authentically reflect individual personalities.”

Offering an RAL colour match service for its Ilve range cookers, Jepson-Harris homeowners are opting for bold and vibrant hues, expressing personality and style through the appliance.

She adds: “As a result, the home is evolving into a dynamic and spirited environment that mirrors the diverse tastes and lifestyles of those who inhabit it.”

Cooking experience

But the choice of range cooker is based upon more than looks alone. It’s an aspirational, studied purchase.

Bertazzoni to exhibit for first time in UK

Premium appliance brand Bertazzoni offers the 900mm Air-Tec, a three in one appliance with oven, hob and ventilation


“We know that customers will travel up to 70 miles to see a range cooker, in person, so it’s a well-considered purchase where discussion with a retailer is required”, explains managing director of Bertazzoni Maurizio Severgnini.

At the heart of the purchasing decision is a combination of design, quality but moreover cooking experience.

With multiple ovens, large cavities, and sturdy racks, the range cooker is recognised for its ability to satisfy batch cooking for hobby chef and bakers.

However, the range cooker is not chosen for capacity alone, it is increasingly recognised for technology which may once have been reserved for built-in appliances.

Digital transformation

Arguably the bastion of range cooking, Aga has evolved to meeting changing consumer demand.

Aga | Era range cooker

Aga Era is a glass fronted range cooker, operated by digital controls, with an induction hob alongside radiant, heat storage, cast iron ovens


Not only has it introduced the glass-fronted Era but Aga has designed all its models – bar one – to operate on electricity.

It means the appliance can be turned off when not in use, and with programmable ovens and independently operated hobs, they can meet the needs of more eco-conscious consumers.

Catherine Jepson-Harris of KitchenEX points out technology how technology has influenced range cooker research and development: “Nearly all of Ilve’s collections feature digitally controlled ovens, with up to 15 specialist cooking functions, typically found in built-in appliances.” These can include steam, pizza oven and microwave.

And Steve Dickson of GDHA points to how digital controls govern temperature on its range cooker: “Another development includes our TrueTemp digital thermostats. Serious cooks will know that many oven thermostats can vary in temperature by up to 15%, but TrueTemp eliminates any variations, helping to maintain temperature control right down to the degree, to achieve perfect results every time.”

Induction interest

Similarly to the built-in hob market, industry experts believe range cooker will begin to see a greater impact of induction, with the likes of Aga introducing an induction hob to its models.

Stoves | Deluxe range with zoneless induction

Claimed to be a world’s first, the Stoves Deluxe range cooker boasts a FreedomFlex zoneless hotplate with pre-programmed setting and pan tracking alongside four oven cavities


While Stoves reports to have launched a world’s first with its Deluxe range cooker featuring a zoneless induction hob.

Head of marketing at Glen Dimplex Home Appliances (GDHA) Steve Dickson explains: “Induction is top of the list when it comes to technology on range cookers – in fact induction range cookers are the only fuel sector that have still been growing in value.

“Our Stoves Deluxe range cookers include a world-first FreedomFlex true zoneless induction system.

“This allows consumers to place up to six pans, of any shape, anywhere on the hotplate, using only the energy required for each pan – delivering flexibility and efficiency.”

Stoves has also recently launched an induction cooking multimedia campaign, to raise consumer awareness of the benefits of using the technology.

And just like the built-in induction hob market has evolved, with integral downdraft extraction now a must have sale, industry experts believe so too will the range cooker.

In fact, range cookers with integrated extraction is already available through the Italian brand Steel and the Air-Tec cooker from Bertazzoni, a 3-in-1 appliance featuring oven, hob and ventilation. Maurizzio Severgini of Bertazzoni  adds: “One of the latest innovations in range cooking is products with integrated extraction.”

So the rumours of the decline and resurgence of the range cooker may well have been an exaggeration, as the appliance sales have always been in the background of kitchen retail.

While interior fashions may be cyclical, evolving appliance technology will mean range cookers will continue to be part and parcel of future kitchen projects.