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RørosHetta | Sense

RørosHetta has launched Sense, cooker hood technology which monitors air quality and can shut down an electrical hob when it senses a fire risk

01 Apr, 22

Norwegian extraction company RørosHetta has launched Sense technology for its cooker hoods which monitors air quality, can shut down an electrical hob when there is fire risk, and notify the homeowner by app.

RørosHetta | Sense

RørosHetta Sense has 11 sensors that measure air quality, including fine particles, volatile organic compounds, humidity, temperature, and also movement.

All the hood functions are automatic, but there is an optional app which allows remote control of extraction speed, light settings and cloud integration should a user want to collect and view their air quality history.

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RørosHetta Sense techology is available across wall, island and corner hoods and was recently named the People’s Choice winner in the Kbb Birmingham Product Innovation Awards, with 46% of the votes.

Manufactured by Røros Metall, a family-run company, operating under the brand name RørosHetta, the business has a 70-year heritage.

It started out as a copper and tin workshop in the rural town of Røros.

The company offers designer hoods that are customisable both through colour-matching to colours, as well as dimensions.