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Sharp | European home appliance launch

Sharp has announced the European launch of its latest range of home appliances, encompassing ovens, fridge/freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, and tumble dryers.

15 Oct, 21

Sharp has announced the European launch of its latest range of home appliances, encompassing ovens, fridge/freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, and tumble dryers.

Sharp |

The appliances are designed to  support flexible, sustainable, and healthy lifestyles, with time-saving solutions, and enhanced efficiency.   

The black oven series features models with capacities of up to 78 litres, and as many as five shelf levels, with 3D Cooking function to distributed heat evenly and quickly across four shelf levels.

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According to Sharp, it can speed up cooking times by up to 20% and pre-heating times by up to 25%.

In addition, selected models feature AirStream which allows four trays of entirely different dishes, or five trays of the same dish, to be cooked simultaneously, without any transfer of flavour or odour.  

Three of the 78-litre ovens also come with the AirCurtain feature, designed to push hot air downwards whenever the oven door is opened and to protect the user’s face, whilst keeping the kitchen cool and condensation-free. 

With the Innit-enabled Love2Cook Smart Oven, all cooks can adapt hundreds of recipes from the Innit app to create their own original dishes.

The ovens automatically work with Innit to set the ideal temperature, cooking mode and time, for newly customised recipes.  

Forming the cooling range from Sharp are multi-door fridge/freezers, as well as 540m, 600mm and 70omm freestanding and built-in combi and single door models in more designs.

Selected multi-door and 600mm fridge/freezers come with an AdaptiZone design, which allows freezer compartments to be converted into additional fridge space. 

In addition, the 588-609 litre multi-door fridge/freezers come with technologies to preserve food for longer, including the AG+ Nano Deodorizer, which suppress germs and odours, and Plasmacluster, which re-creates ions that occur in nature to breakdown bacteria and mould. 

In addition the cooling range also features the J-Tech Inverter, designed to lower the risk of any temperature fluctuations in the fridge and freezer, while also keeping sound to a minimum.  

Many of the freestanding and built-in models also come with step-up frost-free technologies.

AdvancedNoFrost and OdourNeutral are designed to keep the fridge and freezer frost-free and OdourNeutral is offered to stop odours from mixing across the two zones. 

Offering 10, 13, 14 and 15 place settings, there is a range of 600mm and 450mm freestanding, built-in and semi-integrated dishwashers.

These operate at 39dB and there is also an Extra Silent option for many models. 

Created for convenience, the range comes with features, such as a 14-minute cycle, and, as standard across the range, a thorough 30-minute programme.

Many models also feature Turbo Drying to reduce the need for post-cycle drying. 

 Also to save more time and energy, most of the dishwashers offer automated technology, IntelliWash, which automatically calculates the level of cleaning and adjusts the energy and water consumption to suit each load.  

 Many dishwashers also feature DualPro Wash, a 2-in-1 cycle, which enables dirty crockery to be washed thoroughly in the bottom basket and delicate glassware to be cleaned gently in the top basket. 

Designed with big doors, all the 6,7,8, 9 and 10Kg washing machines come with the SuperJet 15-minute cycle, which operates at 30°C.  

Providing an extra hygienic wash, all the models feature the AllergySmart cycle and have been awarded the Allergy UK Seal of Approval.

AllergySmart efficiently washes away allergy-causing pollen, pet hair, dust, and mould spores, as well as bacteria.  

 For several of the 7Kg+ models, the cycle can also be used with a cutting-edge steam function to relax clothes fibres to clean garments more deeply, and prevent them from creasing in the wash.  

 All the washing machines automated support, with the EcoLogic function to automatically reduces the energy and water consumption, as well as the programme duration, whenever a half-load is detected. 

Completing the appliance line-up is a range of tumble dryers spanning  7, 8, 9 and 10 Kg loads, which includes condenser as well as heat pump models.

With the condenser tumble dryers, up to 2.5 Kg of clothes can be dried in 12 minutes, and in 20 minutes for the heat pump tumble dryers. 

 All the tumble dryers come with a BubbleDrum design to prevent clothes from catching on the drum, as well as two-way tumbling to reduce the need for ironing.

In addition, they boast 8-sensor technology, which automatically calculates and sets the ideal drying time for each load. 

Offering energy ratings of up to A+++, the heat pump tumble dryers recycle hot air and utilise R290 as a natural coolant. 

Now available across Europe, the range has a redesigned aesthetic, with black touch control panels, and for the laundry series, black-tinted, handle-free portholes.  

Already in development, the next generation of many of the models in this range will be smart, offering the possibility of remote control with the new Sharp Smart Home app.

The app will enable users to programme and monitor the appliances from one platform, but also to tap into additional smart features for extra personalised support.