Sieger Design’s first foray into sinks

14 Feb, 14

Michael Sieger of Sieger Design discusses the design ‘recipe’ behind his first kitchen sink

Whether an open-plan live-in kitchen or a small cooking area, the sink is one of the most used areas in the kitchen. Michael Sieger, managing director and designer at sieger design, shed light on the ‘ingredients’ that has gone into the creation of his first kitchen sink for  Duravit

Q: Kiora is sieger design’s first venture into the kitchen for Duravit. What is the design “recipe” behind the kitchen sink?

A: Kiora combines a generous, sleek design with user-oriented functions. We created the kitchen sink with a simple yet striking design language so that it is not only well-balanced but also has its own character. The symmetry and slimline frame both play a major role. Ceramic as a material offers many benefits and we pushed it to its very limits. It is robust and thus durable, heat and cold-resistant, as well as odour and taste-neutral. The ceramic sink has almost architectural properties.

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Q: Which style of kitchen does Kiora spice up?

A: Symmetry and simplicity define the overall appearance of the kitchen sink that, thanks to its pure design, can be easily integrated into a wide variety of different settings. Kitchen designers can opt for colours that either blend in or contrast with the work surface, particularly in the flush, built-in version. Kiora can also accommodate either left or right-handed use.

Q: Modern kitchens are becoming open, social, live-in kitchens. Do you prefer cooking with someone else, or have someone cook for you?

Cooking together. There‘s no doubt about it. At home, that’s why we have an open-plan kitchen where we prepare food together. This works really well with Kiora Z. It is positioned centrally with a draining surface on both sides, which means that several people can work here, whether cutting, peeling or washing the dishes. The workspace is ergonomic and the matching chopping board turns it into a multifunctional area.