Sinks | Why workstation sinks are perennially popular

We take a look at the market for workstation sinks and shine a light on why they remain integral to independent kitchen retail showrooms

19 Mar, 24

We take a look at the market for workstation sinks and shine a light on why they remain integral to independent kitchen retail showrooms


Sinks | Why workstation sinks are perennially popular 4

Synchronist is a new granite sink collection from Abode in a range of reversible designs, sizes, finishes and installation options with three complementary accessories


Just as the kitchen has evolved to perform multi functions, so too has the sink. It is now an integral part of food and drink preparation and combines ledged bowls and dedicated accessories to create a customisable workspace.

Business and product development manager at Clearwater Dan Boulton explains: “As we use our kitchen more, and for a variety of activities as well as for cooking, it’s not only the space itself that needs to work harder, but the fixtures and fittings within it too.”

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It has see the evolution of design, as managing director of The 1810 Company/Schock UK Dean Williams explains: “Typically, the workstation sink combines a traditional kitchen sink with additional built-in work areas and accessories, such as cutting boards, drying racks and colanders.

“This integration allows users to perform various food preparation and cleaning tasks in one central area.”

And brand communications manager of Blanco Tamsin Mill agrees: “Think of a workstation sink as an all-in-one kitchen space, complete with a draining zone, built in colander for easy rinsing and draining and multi-functional grids or rails that help with filling up pots, draining or drying items and holding hot oven dishes and trays.

“Plus additions like chopping boards that fit perfectly over the sink and a handy additional bowl, make the sink the ultimate work space.

“These features are designed to fit snugly into and around the sink, allowing you to utilise your sink space effectively, help with cleaning up and save precious counter space.”

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Made from quartz composite Quarex, the Kameo Smart 100L from Clearwater Products features a ‘Smart Ledge’ enabling the use of  set of four catering accessories


With an increased interest in at-home cooking, including predicted growth of meal kits in the UK  from $1.21bn to an estimated $1.21bn (according to Statista), the workstation sink is essential in the armoury of a kitchen retail showroom.

Complementing interiors

While the workstation sink may be perennially popular, that’s not to say kitchen retailers shouldn’t keep on top of the latest developments.

Sinks | Why workstation sinks are perennially popular 1

Made from Igneous granite, the Rangemaster Prato Sink comes with three integrated ledges and purpose-made accessories, such as colanders and chopping boards


“Over the years workstation sinks have become more discreet design-wise to align with the trend for kitchens blending into the overall home aesthetic”, says sales and marketing director of Franke UK Jo Sargant.

Enter the Franke Box Center sink with accessories that can be stowed away and composite models that blend into the overall aesthetic.

Sales and marketing director for sinks and taps at Rangemaster James Cunningham comments: “At Rangemaster, we have launched our first range of granite workstation sinks.

“The Prato collection features single bowl sinks in two sizes and three colours, each supplied with three complimentary sliding accessories: a cutting board, colander and flexible drainer mat.”

Suit all spaces

Large bowls are popular for workstation sinks, with consumers often associating the model with large, living space kitchens.

Sinks | Why workstation sinks are perennially popular 2

The Garda workstation forms part of the sink collection from Falmec UK


However, industry experts point out they are also suitable for smaller spaces and it could form an untapped market.

Dan Boulton of Clearwater states: “Making effective use of available worktop space is a big advantage of a workstation sink, but it has other strong selling points in smaller kitchens too. The integrated accessories allow users to perform multiple task in one location, reducing the need to move back and forth between different areas of the kitchen.”

Trading up

Whether for small or for large kitchens, retailers can encourage consumers to trade up from a standard sink to a workstation model, by explaining the additional benefits.

Sinks | Why workstation sinks are perennially popular 3

Franke Box Center multi-functional sink is designed with integrated food prepping accessories for chopping, washing, rinsing and draining


“Retailers can encourage clients to trade up to a mid or upper-end workstation sink by emphasising the added benefits such as enhanced space-saving features, increased functionality and premium materials”, says Jo Sargant of Franke UK.

Premium sinks can include the added benefits of a hydrophobic surface to make the surfaces easier to keep clean, thicker material, and insulation on the bottom of the sink to dampen noise.

In fact Ron Blount, sales development director at Falmec UK, which launched sinks last year, advises retailers to put workstation models on display to encourage clients to trade up: “Displaying workstation sinks with their accessories and demonstrating how they work is a must because people buy what they can see, feel and understand the value of.”

Potential growth

Certainly the market for workstation sinks seems buoyant, with manufacturers launching new models, as well as new suppliers to the sector.

Sinks | Why workstation sinks are perennially popular

Available in eight colours, the Adira Sink range from Blanco includes the Adira 6 S with second bowl and accessories, Adira 45 S for limited space and Adira XL 6 S with extra large bowl


But what are the predictions going forwards for retail sales? Industry experts are enthusiastic, reflected by Jo Sargant of Franke who concludes “The workstation sink market has lots of growth potential, driven by the trend towards multifunctional spaces and the demand for efficient and versatile kitchen solutions.

“We’re always looking a how consumers use their kitchen and future designs will prioritise streamlined features alongside maximum functionality that helps take the chore out of everyday kitchen tasks.”