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Smeg | Vivoscreen

Connected oven features larger colour display

08 Sep, 20

Adding to its appliance portfolio, Italian manufacturer Smeg has introduced the Vivoscreen connected oven, with a bigger full-colour display.

Smeg | Vivoscreen


The new extra-wide VivoMax screen allows users to view more information and functions at once, and has been designed so its easier to read and simpler to use.

It features full touch vertical and horizontal scrolling and if a user holds on an item on the display, a pop-up will appear to explain the function.

The new display is available in two versions: Vivo, with a size of 95 x 55mm and VivoMax premium which measures 150 x 520mm.

Both displays can be found on the Linea and Dolce Stil Novo, which is a finalist in the SBID Product Awards 2020.

The Vivoscreen ovens will join the SmegConnect smart collection of appliances, from Smeg, and work in conjunction with the dedicated StepConnect app.

Enabling consumers to operate their ovens remotely, it means users can preset the oven on their way home from work.

In addition, the Vivoscreen oven features the My Recipes section, allowing users to store up to 64 dishes in the oven’s memory and a temperature probe which monitors the core temperature of the food.