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Spiral Cellar | “Cost efficient” Kit

Most "cost efficient" Spiral Cellar which reduces headcount on site

20 Jul, 20

UK supplier of wine storage Spiral Cellars is targeting the home improvement market with the launch of Spiral Cellar Kits, which are cost-efficient and reduce the number of people on site.

Spiral Cellar | "Cost efficient" Kit

A Spiral Cellar Kit enables a construction or build team to install an underground wine cellar without having to use the services of a Spiral Cellars installation team.

A highly detailed installation manual provides instructions on how to dig and prepare the hole for the cellar, which is then supplied in a modular format ready for the construction team to install.

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In addition, there is also an Assisted Kit installation option, which provides clients with the on-site presence of a Spiral Cellars installation manager to help undertake, support and advise on the fitting.

The Assisted Kit option bridges the gap between the full Spiral Cellars installation service and ‘go it alone’ build.

And because a trained Spiral Cellars’ team member is on site for the installation, a cellar bought as an Assisted Kit has the additional benefit of coming with a full cellar warranty.

Both the Kit and Assisted Kit options add to the existing full service installation service but, in light of the current pandemic situation, reduce the overall on-site head count.

The entire range of Spiral Cellars are available in Kit format, which includes cellar depths of 2, 2.5 or 3m, holding from 1,000 to 9,000 bottles.

They can be specified in a White or Original rustic finish and come with a range of glass or concealed door options to blend into the surrounding floor.

A cellar purchased in a Kit format starts from £18,840

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