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From incredible integrated islands and statement splashbacks to a fusion of cultures and green material choices, what does 2021 have in store for the contemporary kitchen? Team Neolith® reveals all.

01 Apr, 21

Many will be looking at creative ways to update and upgrade this room, whether it’s replacing tired and tatty countertops, adding a statement splashback or gutting the whole thing and starting from scratch.

It’s something we at Neolith have been closely monitoring over the last year, allowing us to offer our take on 2021’s coolest colours, latest looks and stylish schemes to lift your kitchen to the next level.

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East Meets West
A Japandi look can be achieved whatever size or layout, however careful curation of materials is key, particularly surfaces. Less is more. For example, juxtaposing honey-coloured timber (La Bohème) with rough-hewn volcanic rock (Basalt Black) creates an attractive backdrop in which to build out the look with understated furniture and minimalist art.

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SPONSORED CONTENT: What’s Cooking? – Neolith®’s 2021 Kitchen Trends

Island Life
Kitchen Islands have risen to the top of the homeowner wishlist. Large, central islands create a wonderful, convivial feel within this setting and emphasise the room’s multi-functionality, helping to highlight it’s not only a space for preparing meals.

The growing interest in large-span, and generously-proportioned islands is complemented with an increasing desire for an opulent appearance. We’ve noticed an uptick in demand for luxurious looks, ranging from cool and crisp Carrara Marble (Calacatta, Estatuario) to bolder patterns (Calacatta Luxe, Pulpis), even exotic Granite (Mar Del Plata). It’s a rare case where going big means going home.

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Integrate The Positive
The move towards expansive kitchen islands is also complemented by an increasing preference for having them fully integrated with cabinetry and appliances. With space in the modern home at a premium, making the features within work as hard as possible is essential, especially for those with large families.

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Making A Statement
A statement splashback in a loud, colourful, yet stylish pattern is the perfect way to create a simple artistic statement within the kitchen space. It’s a feature becoming much sought-after in 2021. From a floor to ceiling arc to one which literally cascades down the cabinetry, across countertops and to the floor, the only limit is the imagination.

Whilst striking, highly detailed surfaces remain popular (Amazonico; Krater), we’re starting to see homeowners becoming more experimental, using non-traditional effects such as Terrazzo (Retrostone) and concrete (Phedra; Beton).

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Maintaining Standards
People are becoming far more conscious about the performance and composition of the materials they choose for their kitchens, particularly surfaces.

Where once visual appeal dominate decisions, we’re now witnessing more people consider the performance qualities of what they choose for fit out. They’re looking for long-term value and materials which can handle every chop, bash, slash and roll. They also want to know their investment is a sustainable one. We expect demand for these responsibly manufactured products to increase over the year.

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As the pioneering Sintered Stone Surface, Neolith® encompasses all this and more. With the ability realise any of the above trends, its ultra-compact composition means it’s non-porous, delivering the hygiene properties and low maintenance qualities essential for kitchen use.

To find out more about Neolith, its collection, design ideas, and how it seamlessly delivers form and function in the kitchen setting, click here