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Teka | WISH HLB 860P

Teka has added the WISH HLB 860P DualClean Single Oven to its UK cooking collection.

18 Jun, 20

Teka has added the WISH HLB 860P DualClean Single Oven to its cooking collection in the UK.

The Teka WISH HLB 860P multi-function oven features Teka’s DualClean system, which makes available two different auto-cleaning possibilities. For fast maintenance cleaning, the oven includes Teka’s HydroClean PRO system, which uses 98% less energy than the pyrolytic oven-cleaning method and takes 86% less time for a cleaning cycle. And for that occasional deep clean, the three setting Pyrolytic mode is perfect for the most stubborn residue.

With a 5-year parts and labour guarantee, the Teka WISH HLB 860P DualClean oven is designed to be as durable as it is functional – telescopic guides that are more robust and smoother running allow for easier smoother tray removal whilst the clip-on system also makes them easier to install. A soft-open and close single hinge adds to a controlled operation, with no noisy door slamming when closing as well as providing additional security.

James Bethell, Teka Product Manager, PJH, said: “The DualClean oven really does offer the best of both worlds and a great way of staying on top of cleaning. The HydroClean system is a great low-energy cleaning method for quick cleaning whereas the Pyrolytic method offers that occasional deep clean that restores its sparkle. It’s also a feature-packed versatile cooking appliance that boasts many features typical of more expensive ovens including safety and energy savings.”