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V-ZUG | Excellence Line

Premium household appliance manufacturer V-ZUG has recently introduced the handleless Excellence Line which is claimed to offer the first ovens with automatic door closure.

01 Jun, 21

Premium household appliance manufacturer V-ZUG has introduced the handleless Excellence Line, which offers ovens with “industry first” automatic door closure.

V-ZUG | Excellence Line

Developed and manufactured in Switzerland, the line-up includes ovens, steam ovens, coffee centres and wine coolers.

The mirror glass-fronted cooking appliances come in the choice of Black and Platinum, with a Pearl finish exclusively for the project market.

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Designed to fit harmoniously into the architecture, the Excellence Line of appliances also boasts a TouchDisplay with CircleSlider control for the ovens.

The Circle Slider is a intuitive rotary control ground into the centre of the glass Touch Display, and the users traces their finger around the circumference to set the cooking process.

Excellence ovens also include the AutoDoor function, which is claimed to be the first door that closes automatically.

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The door opens automatically when the Touch Display is pressed and can close itself automatically too.

In addition, it means the appliance can open the door slightly during selected cooking processes to let moisure escape or, if required, for it to cool at the end of the process.

Trade association for kbb retail specialists the Kbsa has recently welcomed V-ZUG as a corporate member.