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Whirlpool | SupremeSilence washing machine range

Whirlpool has developed a range of washing machines that feature an Extra Silence programme and are the quietest in the portfolio.

25 Aug, 21

Home appliance manufacturer Whirlpool has developed a range of washing machines that feature an Extra Silence programme and are the quietest in its portfolio.

Whirlpool | SupremeSilence washing machine range

Boasting an overall ‘A’ rating for noise output, the SupremeSilence range features a direct drive ZenMotor and casing that minimises vibration

Offering 24 programmes including specialised cycles for baby clothes, pet items and anti-allergy, the machines also include Eco 40 – 60, Rapid 30ꞌ, Delicates and Mixed Extra Silence that operate below 60 dB(A) for the duration of the cycle

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To meet the needs of eco-savvy consumers, the washing machines also benefit from 6TH SENSE technology, plus AutoDose and WaterSave features.

By sensing the size of the load and monitoring the wash programme, 6TH SENSE® adapts the cycle to optimise resources, which Whirlpool claims saves up to 45% energy and 50% water.

Whereas WaterSave utilises a nozzle to spray water directly onto the laundry at the start of each cycle, reportedly saving up to 59% of water, which equates to 38 litres, with every wash.

In addition, the AutoDose system has been designed to store enough detergent for 26 washes, which is introduced at the optimum time in the cycle, said to save up to 30% of detergent with each programme.

In addition, the Whirlpool SupremeSilence washing machines benefit from three steam functions for improved hygiene and energy-saving cleaning.

At the end of the cycle Steam Hygiene fills the drum with steam for 30 minutes, which Whirlpool reports removes up to 99.9% of the most common bacteria.

FreshCare+ tumbles garments, after washing, for up to six hours, keeping garments fresh and the Steam Refresh option freshens up a little worn garment, avoiding the need for a wash.

The steam penetrates fibres, freshening up the user’s laundry in just 20 minutes, removing odours and reducing creasing.

Available in capacities of 9 kg and 10 kg, the range of SupremeSilence washing machines from Whirlpool have an interior drum light for enhanced visibility, a push-to-open detergent drawer and filter, antimicrobic door seal to reduce bacteria proliferation and a LED display.

The SupremeSilence washing machine range comes complete with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and 10-year parts guarantee.

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