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We take a look at how designers can create a home bar set-up for more modest kitchens and discover wine storage sales are supported by the cost-of-living crisis 

05 Apr, 23

We take a look at how designers can create a home bar set-up for more modest kitchens and discover wine storage sales are supported by the cost-of-living crisis 

Liebherr wine fridge

Liebherr offers the Vinidor UWTes 1672, built under multi-temperature wine cabinet.


At-home entertaining may have accelerated during the pandemic but it is the current cost-of-living crisis which is supporting ‘staying in as the new going out’ trend.

Consumers have recognised the financial benefits of wining and dining at home, and are now designing their kitchens to cater around this.

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Enter the kitchen extension with home bar, complete with cocktail bar top, glass rack storage and of dedicated wine storage.

Marketing manager of Caple Gemma Rees comments: “The home bar and wine storage market has experience significant growth over the past couple of years.”

However, with Rated People stating in its recent Home Improvement report, the ‘race for space’ was over, with consumers maximising the areas they have, rather than extending their home, does that mean the decline of the at-home bar?  

Essential wine storage

Not according to Gemma Rees of Caple who comments it can be created to suit a variety of spaces and consumer budgets.

Wine storage | All bar none 1

Available in Gunmetal Grey, the Caple Wi3125GM Sense is a single zone cooler and is operated by touch controls with UV-free LED lighting.


However, she says it must include the essential wine cooler: “Drink set-ups can be anything from a simple bar or wine rack to something as elaborate as an entire room dedicated to a collection. Wine coolers are a perfect addition to any home bar setup as they offer convenience and style while maintaining an impressive range of temperature control.” 

 And regional communications brand manager of Liebherr UK Hugo Prado agrees: “You do not need a freestanding drinks unit to create a workable home bar.”

He advises: “Why not try smaller in-built units that will hold enough bottles for one night, without overpowering the space.

“If the fridge has been properly configured and has adjustable storage options, which allow for different bottles to be stored depending on the occasion, you can make a smaller unit work.” 

Undercounter rules

There are a wide range of smaller wine storage appliances available to kitchen designers, from the single bottle Kaelo, which was Kitchens & Bathrooms News Most Wanted product in 2022, through to 150mm units to hold seven bottles, up to 600mm for undercounter models.

Wine storage | All bar none 3

The Prima 150mm Wine Cooler in Black, from PJH, provides a seven-bottle capacity, interior LED lighting and five year parts and two years labour guarantee.


Gemma Rees points out its most popular wine storage model is an undercounter model. 

While marketing manager at Dunavox Jack Healey reports the company boasts “Europe’s largest collection of undercounter wine coolers”.

He states it provides sizes fit irregular gaps that can be found within kitchen designs, such as 400mm, 500mm and 600mm wide units.

Such is the popularity of the undercounter, appliance manufacturer Asko has recently entered the fray with its wine climate cabinet portfolio, now including an undercounter wine cooler. 

Value in storage

Certainly, there continues to be growing interest in wine storage, as product manager for Prima Appliances at PJH Rob Brookes states: “PJH sales of wine storage appliances have almost doubled over the past two years, with a 78% rate of growth.” 

Wine storage | All bar none 2

The Asko undercounter wine cooler WCN25842G is available as a built-in or freestanding model and boasts two temperature zones.


And the reason for this uplift in sales, is that wine fridges not only provide added functionality but add value to the consumer. 

Hugo Prado of Liebherr UK explains: “Wine fridges can add impressive value to a kitchen. It is not just a product people are buying into, it is a lifestyle.

“Home entertaining is more important than every before and kitchens that can accommodate it are essential.”

He adds: “The value of a wine fridges cannot be underestimated. Quite simply, wine tastes better when it is stored and served at the right temperature.” 

Highlighting features

But how can designers encourage clients to trade up in a wine storage for a modest kitchen space, without resorting to increasing the size of the storage? 

Wine storage | All bar none 4

Available in Black or Stainless Steel, the Rangemaster undercounter dual zone wine cabinet can house 46 bottles, has antivibration system and UV-filtered glass door.


Jack Healey of Dunavox states consumers have to see the benefits, adding: “A dual temperature zone allows them to store a wide range of bottles.

“A longer-term warranty will give them security when making a larger purchase. Alongside an elegant exterior design, that fits with the overall design aesthetic of their kitchen space.”  

And product manager for appliances at Rangemaster Robert Stein agrees, stating: “The glass door of a wine cabinet should be UV filtered, not only to protect the wine from sunlight but also help maintain a steady internal temperature. Plus, look for models with dual temperature zones.” 

And, of course, creating an attractive showroom display is crucial for showcasing products, as business unit head of refrigeration at BSH Valerie Posner adds: “All our models feature LED lighting to beautifully highlight the wine, drawing in potential customers.

“Once they open the door, they can explore the cabinet’s attractive features such as oak or bamboo shelves, while learning about the benefits of customisable temperature control and UV glass.” 

Following hot taps

Despite the toughened economic climate, it seems there is no sign of wine storage sales abating.

In fact, it supports them, as Gemma Rees says: “Home bars are more affordable than night outs, and we expect that trend to continue as people look for ways to save money during these tough times.”

And category manager of Gaggenau Simon Plumbridge believes they will follow the same path as the instant boiling water tap, becoming a go-to for kitchen projects.

He concludes: “The increased interest in wine storage is similar to the trend with boiling water taps. Just five years’ ago, only luxury kitchens featured boiling water taps.

“Now, every kitchen from entry level to top-end has a boiling water tap as a standard feature.

“Wine storage is on a similar path and we can expect to see continued growth across all levels of the market over the next few years.”