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Airflow Developments launches first app-controlled fan

It operates at 23.5dB and is IPX5-rated so can be used directly above a shower

07 Jun, 19

Extraction manufacturer Airflow Developments has launched iCONsmart, reportedly the first app-controlled range of axial fans.

Airflow Development launches first app-controlled fan

The iCONsmart fan is IPX5-rated, so can be fitted directly above a shower and operates at 23.5db, reported to be the equivalent noise level of rusting leaves.

In fact, it has been awarded a Quiet Mark, by the organisation led by Gloria Elliott OBE.

iCONsmart features a smart integrated flow sensor which will automatically adjust to changing wind back pressures to maintain the correct level of ventilation.

In addition, iCONsmart is linked to the myAirflow app which provides access to live and historic data on the usage and performance of the fan.

Through the app, users can access a three-month downloadable rolling data log for time on, power usage and humidity.

iCONsmart can be fitted with a timer, humidity and motion sensor digital control modules.

Where the humidity module is fitted, the  ‘live room health’ feature, accessible through the app, provides real time data on the indoor air quality.

A graph displays the current temperature and humidity as well as a ‘health zone’ – the target conditions for a safe indoor environment.

The range includes the iCONsmart 15, 30 and 60, which provide adjustable flow rates of 15 – 23 l/s, 30 – 47 l/s and 60 – 90 l/s respectively.