‘av a look

15 Aug, 14

Kitchens & Bathrooms News takes a look at the market for audio visual equipment for premium projects

You only have to consider the amount of technology now at our fingertips, iPad, smartphone, and now equally smart TV, to realise our growing dependence on gadgets. They help us communicate, seek out information, and are a centre of entertainment. With the kitchen also expected to fulfil similar multi-purpose activities, to cook, eat, entertain and work, it’s really no surprise that audio visual equipment is becoming a must-have for this hard-working area of the home.

Bathrooms still lag
While the bathroom may still lag behind the kitchen in terms of AV sales, as reported in Kitchens & Bathrooms News last year, experts suggest it is catching up. And there is an array of AV equipment from mirror or splashback TVs, through to docking systems using bluetooth, which can be integrated into a project. However industry experts argue over whether in the future there will be a need for specific bathroom and kitchen tech, as there is a trend for the likes of music to span from room to room, using one device.

Whichever side of the AV fence you are sat on, dedicated or integrated home tech, interest in at-home entertainment is only likely to grow. And as this technology becomes more affordable, it will also become more accessible, opening up more of a marketplace.

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