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Mirrors and mirrored cabinets | Image conscious

How feature-packed mirrors and mirrored cabinets enable designers to create a relaxation space

03 Jul, 23

How feature-packed mirrors and mirrored cabinets enable designers to create a relaxation space

Mirrors and mirrored cabinets | Image conscious

Royal Modular 2.0 mirror cabinet range from Keuco comes in 12 widths, two heights and two depths, with our without lighting and able to be wall-mounted or recessed


With bathrooms now designed as a spa-like space, the ‘humble’ mirror has transformed from simply offering reflection and storage, in the case of mirrored cabinets, to become feature-packed with technology.

Sales and marketing director at RAK Ceramics UK Ben Bryden explains: “As our bathrooms become more like extensions of our living space, consumers want to be able to listen to music, watch TV, charge devices etc.

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“Add to this that even the way we brush our teeth has become more technical, with the rise of the electric toothbrush and it’s clear that a level of connectivity needs to be present in the bathroom.”

And sales director of Hib Ash Chilver adds: “Technology allows people to personalise the experience they have in the bathroom and tailor it to their individual needs.”

Democratised technology

As an integral part of the wellness environment, mirrors and mirrored cabinets can provide lighting, entertainment and even help users monitor their wellbeing.

By using facial recognition, premium hi-tech mirrors can analyse skin, provide beauty and grooming options as well as fitness suggestions.

While not all bathroom projects, or indeed users, will require all these options from a mirror or mirrored cabinet, certainly technology is becoming available for all.

Product manager of Bathrooms to Love by PJH Julie Lockwood comments: “With energy efficient, LED-lit models now a give, the mirror has become an important multi-functional part of the bathroom, offering so many other features such as Bluetooth technology, built-in Alexa digital clock, infrared touch-free operation, colour-changing/dimmable lighting, charging sockets, demister pads and the list goes on.”

Colour-changing lights

LED lighting has been available in mirrors and mirrored cabinets for some time, but the focus is now on colour changing temperatures.

Mirrors and mirrored cabinets | Image conscious 2

Part of Nouveau Noir range, Balmoral has a black internal design, tunable and dimmable lighting, Bluetooth speaker, USB charging port and shaver socket.


They enable users to transform the mirror space from providing task lighting through to ambient illumination.

James Cairns of Illuminated Mirrors comments: “Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) LEDS give you versatile lighting, with the ability to change lighting from Cool to Warm White with the simple press of a button.”

Such is the demand, marketing manager of Angela James reports the popularity of colour changing temperature lights are reflected in her company’s sales: “Our range of tunable white mirrors is certainly our most popular range.

“The ability to dim these products also increase their popularity due to the current spa bathroom trends and being able to create a relaxing environment for bathing.”

In fact, low level lighting has formed part of Duravit’s mirrored cabinet category. Managing director of Duravit UK Martin Carroll adds: “New technology such as night lights on mirror cabinets is making life in the bathroom easier, more enjoyable and even safer.”

Electrical entertainment

And along with enhanced lighting options, mirror and mirrored cabinets have evolved into enhancing aural experiences too with integral charging points and USB sockets, along with Bluetooth speakers.This allows users to consume music through connected devices.

Mirrors and mirrored cabinets | Image conscious 1

Dimension is a mirror cabinet from HiB which features integrated Bluetooth and speakers, heated mirror pad, two-pin and USB charging sockets


Sales director of HiB Ash Chilver adds: “From our sales figures, we believe that cabinets are the preferred product for those looking for connectivity-based technology such as Bluetooth.

“Cabinets such as HiB’s Sound and Dimension offer integrated Bluetooth and speaker technology, so users can enjoy their favourite podcasts and music in the bathroom.”

Don’t forget demisters

But is there any technology that bathroom designers are currently overlooking and could present to their customers?

Industry experts believe that demister pads can sometimes be forgotten, as Ash Chilver of HiB explains: “Because it has been available for some time, heated pads to reduce condensation are often overlooked by retailers and customers alike.

“Condensation can often be difficult to recreate in a showroom setting and, if customers are not aware of the technology, it can sometimes not get the recognition it deserves, as a practical solution for a widespread bathroom issue.”

Touch-free controls

Whatever the type of electrical tech and, possibly spurred by a focus on hygiene as part of post-pandemic lifestyle, the focus is on touch-free technology.

Whether operated through voice activation, using smart home technologies such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa, or sensors, reducing touch points has been a focus of controls.

Martin Carroll of Duravit says: “Hands free functions have grown in popularity in recent years and Duravit furniture such as Luv and the new Vitrium are idea options as the wash area lighting, dimmer function and mirror heating are all operated contact-free.”

While Angela James of adds: “Even our more basic models feature built-in touch controls to switch the mirror on and off with ease.”

Capabilities and materials

But with a more towards energy efficiency and sustainable ways of living, how will that impact future bathroom technology?

Mirrors and mirrored cabinets | Image conscious 3

The RAK-Ornate mirror from RAK Ceramics incorporates LED lighting with touch control technology, a demister pad and storage shelf in a choice of four colours


Ash Chilver explains technology is not based solely upon digital connectivity and says there will be plenty of focus on capabilities and materials.

Roper Rhodes won a Red Dot Award in 2022 for its Loop mirror and vanity mirror, with magnetic attachment system, which means it can be placed on the wall mirror surface.

And, perhaps for the future, there will be a greater focus on sustainability with mirrors and mirrored cabinet using recycled glass.

What is for certain is that the mirror and mirrored cabinet are now multi-functional fixtures for each and every bathroom.