Q&A | A closer look at… Rotpunkt x Buster + Punch

As part of its Hausmesse 2023, kitchen manufacturer Rotpunkt has unveiled a collaboration with home fashion label Buster + Punch with an exclusive handle series.

26 Oct, 23

As part of its Hausmesse 2023, kitchen manufacturer Rotpunkt unveiled a collaboration with home fashion label Buster + Punch with an exclusive handle series. Head of UK sales Matt Phillips elaborates

A closer look at... Rotpunkt x Buster + Punch

Q: Can you tell us about the Buster + Punch collaboration with Rotpunkt?  

A: We are very pleased to announce we can offer 20 new and exclusive Buster and Punch handles.

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The 12-strong pull bar collection is made from solid brass and features the brand’s signature diamond-cut, cross-knurl pattern which is refined by hand.

It is designed to complement cabinet doors, cupboards and kitchen units and is available in three sizes: small, medium and large, in four, high-fashion metal finishes; Steel, Brass, Smoked Bronze and Black.

In addition, pairs of statement knobs in solid metal are available in the same four on-trend finishes as the pull bars for design flexibility.

Plus, we are also delighted to offer a range of four T-bar handles so there are even more opportunities to mix and match cabinet door furniture.

The T-bar handles have a solid base with diamond-cut handle detailing for tactile style and come in Brushed Brass, Steel, Smoked Bronze, and Satin bBack metal.

They are available complete with a circular plate and penny buttons or with a small disc. The technical integration and all necessary drill holes are completed at the factory.

A closer look at... Rotpunkt x Buster + Punch 1

Q: What does the collaboration mean for Rotpunkt?

A: Our partnership with Buster + Punch allows us to offer a premium standalone collection for end users who crave special finishing touches and a deluxe industrial edge.

We feel this new collection of our five handles in four colours offer retailers a way to bring even more individuality to the end-user’s dream kitchen and living space.

It will be available to all dealers and other model designs can be accessed by retail partners directly from the Buster + Punch website.

A closer look at... Rotpunkt x Buster + Punch 2

Q: When will it be available in the UK and what will be the lead time?

A: We can confirm the Buster + Punch collection is available now for UK retailers, currently offering five weeks on all stocked items.

Q: What are your sales expectations of the collection and what are your benchmarks for success?

A: We are incredibly excited about the collection and have every confidence sales will surpass our expectations, as it plays to market demand to set conscious accents with decorative hardware.

As a pioneer in sustainable furniture, which is fiercely determined to champion ethical production and consumerism up and down the supply chain, we were determined to partner with a likeminded, creative, and dynamic company.

Buster + Punch is renowned for its love of working with rare, solid metals to transform everyday, functional fittings into extraordinary home details, and its passion and commitment to contemporary styling fits with our own design ethos.

We draw inspiration from a variety of sources and lifestyle trends just as Buster + Punch is inspired by London’s fashion, music, and sub-culture scenes.

They collaborate with street artists, bike builders and fashion designers to inject attitude into their crafted products.

This energetic and inclusive approach really appeals to our mission to deliver the most progressive climate-friendly furniture to our customers and end-users alike. Having a shared vision is so important.

A closer look at... Rotpunkt x Buster + Punch 3

Q: Will you be expanding the collection and when?

A: We will certainly be keen to expand it if the appetite is there, so we welcome as much feedback as possible from our retailer network.

A closer look at... Rotpunkt x Buster + Punch 4

Q: Are you looking to collaborate with any other companies?

A: Our business development and partnerships teams are always exploring ways in which we can work with likeminded businesses and make a difference, so definitely.

I think our industry is well placed for partnerships and collaborations, becoming a great way to build brands, share expertise and learn about different design elements.

At Rotpunkt we believe that ‘home is the centre of life’ and expressing the unique personality and style of the end-user is absolutely key to enhancing and supporting this through all fixtures and fittings.

As the ground floor continues to evolve with a new emphasis on dedicated laundry areas and storage zones, as well as a distinction between public and private areas, there will be endless opportunities for creative solutions.