Velux introduces bespoke Vario rooflights

Available in five models, choice of glazing, opening, frame colour and upstand

12 Jun, 19

Roof window and modular skylight manufacturer Velux has launched the brand’s first made-to-order rooflight solution for flat roofs – Vario.

Velux introduces bespoke Vario rooflights


The Vario range offers designers a variety of shape, size and colour, with delivery in six weeks.

The rooflights come in a choice of five models, Long, Rectangular, Square, Round and Walk-on, with a choice of glazing, opening, frame colour and upstand.

For an opening window, the width can be specified from 600mm up to 3000mm and the length between 600mm and 2000mm.

Whereas for a fixed window designers can specify from 250mm up to 300mm width and length from 600mm to 2000mm.

Designers can choose individual Walk-on rooflights up to 2sqm, triple layer up to 3sqm and double layer up to 4sqm.

Speaking at the UK launch at Camden House in London, business manager of Vario by Velux Carl Frederik Gierding explained why the company has now introduced a bespoke rooflight: “We have seen a trend for increased customisation of all parts of the home.

“In response to this, we wanted to create a completely customisable rooflight to fit all senses of style and design and need for more space by bringing more daylight into the home along the way.”

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Velux has been manufactured windows for 75 years, is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark and is owned by VKR Holding.

The Velux Group employs 10.200 people, has 17 manufacturing plants in nine countries and has sales companies in 40 countries.