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Virtual Worlds introduces One Price

One Price produces quotes and invoices for costing projects

22 May, 18

CAD design company, Virtual Worlds has introduced Virtual Worlds One Price, to save time and increase efficiency for KBB retailers.

Virtual Worlds One Price allows showrooms to produce quotes, pro-forma invoices and purchase orders using customisable templates, while allowing retailers to manage them from any device, through the cloud.

Individual parts of a single item can be amended, ensuring the quote remains accurate, even when the item being specified is altered, and labour costs can also be amended.

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Retailers can filter reports by designer and branch in order to show the number and value of quotes pending and accepted.

With a wide range of products available through Virtual Worlds’ catalogues, customers can see which one suits them both aesthetically and financially.

This not only helps them understand what they are purchasing but also helps with negotiations, giving showrooms all the information they would normally collate when the customer has left the showroom. This in turn makes it easier to add mark up to the overall cost.

Virtual Worlds One Price is available individually or as part of the full Virtual Worlds One package.