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Top 3 products of November

Designers pick their favourite products from Kitchens & Bathrooms News

17 Dec, 18

Designer and director of Concept & Completion Helen Crouch selects her favourite products from our November issue and explains why they have caught her eye.

Top 3 products of November 3


Top 3 products of November 1

Miele – The SmartLine collection allows for gas and induction hobs to be placed together. Included in the collection are 600mm and 380mm Induction Hobs with PowerFlex zones; 380mm Induction Wok and a 380mm Teppanyaki Plate with touch or dial controls


“The SmartLine hob, which combines gas and induction, caught me eye as it offers flexibility in fuel choice and has a flat surface, so should be easier to clean than a standard gas hob. I’m thinking of design and practical benefits here.

“My parents have a background in catering, so I know for some recipes gas is preferable, whereas for others electric is a better choice.

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“This offers the best of both worlds and, should there be an electrical blackout or the gas supply is shut off, consumers can still cook.”


Top 3 products of November 2

Vasco – Radiator manufacturer Vasco has introduced Mono aluminium radiators, available in both Beams (shown) and Bryce options. There are 55 colour options available. Beams Mono offers a flat design, whereas Bryce Mono features a profiled design. A designer can combine up to three models, in a choice of finishes and a variety of radiator heights


“I love the Mono aluminium radiators by Vasco which are available in a flat design (Beams) or a profiled option (Bryce).

“There is a choice of 55 colours, but I like the three that are pictured and love the fact that designers can combine models in a variety of finishes and heights.

“It may be more expensive to specify for a customer but they look fantastic.”


Top 3 products of November

Unidrain – The HighLine series is an almost ‘invisible’ drain with panels in steel and frosted glass. It featured on the company’s Sleep+Eat stand, alongside Unidrain bespoke and the Reframe Collection


“I like the fact Unidrain is offering shower wastes in a choice of finishes with its HighLine Colour series, as frequently designers are restricted to using chrome.

“I like the choice of four colours; Brushed Steel, Copper, Brass and Black.

“I’ve noticed copper is coming through in interior design and it’s a great way to include it in a bathroom scheme.”

Lisa Melvin of Kuche and Bagno provided her top 3 products in last month’s issue.