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Hoover introduces wine cooler range

Hoover's new wine cooler range has been designed to maximise space and reportedly keep wine in the finest condition.

11 Nov, 19

Hoover has introduced a wine cooler range designed to maximise space and reportedly keep wine in the finest condition.

The HWCB series has options ranging from a 15omm wide HWCB 15 option to 600mm wide models; HWCB 60 and HWCB 60D. wine cooler

The HWCB 60 can house up to 46 bottles, while the HWCB 60D will hold up to 38 bottles and incorporates a tempered glass, double-door design.

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The HWCB 15 offers a more compact option with space for seven bottles.

The 600mm models feature dual temperature control, which allows for red and white wines to be kept in the same cooler without altering the quality of the contents.

Customisable settings offer maximum flexibility, too, providing temperatures of the appliance, from five to 22ºC, in keeping with the ideal storage conditions of the wine.

Users can choose either Celsius or Fahrenheit settings through the LED display, dependent on the preference.

In addition, the wine coolers boast wooden shelving to reduce vibration and adjustable feet so the coolers can be stabilised.

Business director of the freestanding division at Hoover Candy UK, Steve Macdonald said: “The Hoover HWCB range has been carefully designed to provide the best storage conditions and greatest efficiencies.

“Our goal for these coolers was to offer the latest innovations to our customers at an accessible price point.

“Each element of the design has been crafted to produce a cooler you can trust, offering efficiency and high performance whilst protecting the quality of the wine in exactly the right conditions.”

Hoover is currently targeting 13million viewers in the UK with its ‘The Way You Live’ campaign, after signing an advertising deal with online Video On-Demand (VOD) platforms.