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MD of Flair Showers Alan Wright talks about the relaunch of the company, creation of a Showering Division and its focus on bricks and mortar showrooms.

12 Jun, 23

Managing Director of Flair Showers Alan Wright talks about the relaunch of the company, creation of a Showering Division and its focus on bricks and mortar showrooms

Flair Showers | Creative flair

Having over 30 years’ experience of construction and experience from supplier and merchanting background, Alan Wright leads the business


With origins tracing back to 1952, Irish brand Flair Showers has been on a growth trajectory, following its acquisition by the Sanbra Group.

It has not only seen the relaunch of Flair but the company now forms part of a wider group, including luxury brassware manufacturer Marflow and premium shower manufacturer Majestic, both of which were recently acquired by the parent company.

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Following continuing investment in product, service and people, Flair is forging sales growth under a new showering division that includes Majestic.

Customer experience

Flair is led by Showering Division managing director Alan Wright who joined the business last year and has three decades of experience working in the construction industry, as a supplier and merchant.

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Premium offering in the Harmony Collection portfolio is the Oro range of enclosures


He joined the company from merchant Bassetts Bathrooms, where he was nanaging director of the 16-strong branch business in Northern Ireland and a customer of Flair.

This gave him an insight into the business and he stated it was the integrity and values of the company which encouraged him to join.

Wright explains: “It was the energy, the family values, the culture, as well as the quality of products and desire to be the best at what we do combined with continued investment.

“Everything was all about making the product right and providing the right service to customers, building relationships and partnerships. It was very clear to me to see the journey they were on.”

And he is bringing his experience of the wants and needs of its trade customer to the company, as he exclaims: “I really understand what makes them tick and the challenges that they have on a daily and weekly basis and what they want from suppliers and manufacturers.”

Bringing brands together

Tasked with further developing the Flair and Majestic brands, Alan Wright continues: “Majestic was acquired through the COVID pandemic which was very challenging because, as we all know, the success of acquisitions is how we integrate them and engrain them into the culture of the group.

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The Eto range includes a magnetic linkage system for smooth opening and closing


“So, my job is to make sure that we align the Showering Division brands to maximise the strengths and synergies.”

He continues to explain the company has “significant growth” plans and strategies over the next number of years, adding: “We have invested and will continue to invest in new product development and stock, making sure when we get orders we can service them well and we’ve invested in people – systems, structures and training. It’s about providing support for customers.”

He says Flair is “fundamentally different” to where it was 10 years ago. It is perhaps due to the agility of the family-run business. “It’s fast paced. It is more dynamic. We make decisions very quickly”, says Alan, adding: “We are building great relationships with our retail partners and that’s very exciting and ongoing.

“I know Flair has stood the test of time, with a large number of our customers in Ireland and some in Europe, but that’s the direction of travel we hope to go in over the next number of years in Great Britain too.”

Working in Harmony

Following research and consumer insight into European markets and the UK, Flair unveiled the Harmony Collection enclosures at KBB Birmingham, with design language for a global market.

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Providing a choice of modular wetroom solutions is the Ayo range


It included the Oro, Eto and Ayo ranges, with a focus on tangible touch points, such as handle design.

However, alongside points of difference in aesthetics, Flair has also concentrated on making its product easy to fit with Click Fit technology, enabling a one-man installation.

In fact, such has been its focus on product quality, the company recently supplied replacement rollers to a customer who bought their shower enclosure in 1991.

“It’s testament to the quality, the engineering that’s going into the product and the fact that we still provide spare parts”, explains Alan Wright.

Showroom focus

So how is business? “It has been very well documented that consumer spending is under a bit of strain.

“We have high inflation and input costs that have risen significantly in 2022. But that said, our brands experienced growth in 2022 and in 2023 it looks set to continue”, Wright replies.

Bolstering the supplier’s business is a targeted strategy on bricks and mortar showrooms.

“We won’t sell our product on the web and we’re not going down the route of large groups at the moment. Harmony is our premium collection from Flair and we have selected independent retail bathroom showrooms to feature that product.”

This is being supported by training for its retail partners, with a dedicated team of service engineers to fit the enclosures.

“At the same time we have employed a specification sales team which is focused on contract opportunities. And we are making good progress with a number of partners on that front as well”, Wright adds.

But what does Flair expect in return from its retailer network?

“I see us as trading partners that progress together, so our retailers and more importantly their customers, the consumers, have a really positive experience in dealing with Flair.

“We’re not in for the quick buck, it’s building these relationships where we can help our retail partners be successful and we can provide a service to the consumer”, says Wright.

And how does the business compare against its financial plans? “We are absolutely on track and probably ahead of it”, explains Wright.

He concludes: “We’re working in a competitive landscape but the harder you practice the luckier you get. I don’t think there’s any magic formulas.

“Business isn’t easy, but it’s enjoyable when you get it right. For me business is all about people. Flair is a fantastic team of very experienced, knowledgeable and committed colleagues right across the business. Success is a team effort”.