Grohe Spa | “Consumers more design conscious than ever”

Karl Lennon, leader of Grohe Spa, explains how the revitalised sub-brand enables high-end showrooms to meet changing requirements of consumers

25 Apr, 23

Karl Lennon, leader of Grohe Spa, explains how the revitalised sub-brand will enable high-end showrooms and architects to meet the changing requirements of consumers in the luxury market

Grohe | “Consumers more design conscious than ever before”

A decade after it first launched, Grohe has revitalised its luxury sub-brand Grohe Spa for high-end showrooms, architects and designers.

It unveiled the refreshed sub-brand at its Grohe X online summit, and Grohe Spa recently formed an installation at Pinacoteca di Brera to express the concept of ‘Health through Water’, as part of Salone del Mobile.

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Leader of Grohe Spa Karl Lennon comments on the reaction to the sub-brand: “The initial reaction has been fantastic.

“Having something new, which is exciting and unique helps us open doors and the long-standing partners we’ve got are also excited by this revitalisation.”

Luxury focus

Grohe has divided its business into three areas – QuickFix for DIY and ecommerce channels, Professional for core sales and the luxury Spa brand for high-end showrooms, architects and designers.

Grohe Spa | “Consumers more design conscious than ever before”

Grohe Rainshower Aqua customisable shower


Karl Lennon explained there was a need to “re-centre” the  Grohe Spa brand, adding “design doesn’t stay the same and in the last 10 years things have changed quite dramatically.

“So, for us, it was  a moment to think about what is important not only for the design of the product but also how it works with different, luxury bathroom projects.”

In a post-COVID world, Grohe noticed consumers’ expectations of the bathroom space have also changed, with them more likely to invest in their health and wellbeing, as well as their home.

Lennon continued: “People’s requirements are constantly changing, especially in the luxury market, and consumers are way more design conscious than they’ve ever been before and that’s why Grohe Spa and that’s why now.”

Exclusive product

The Grohe Spa brand spans sanitaryware, customisable showers and exclusive mixer taps , combining existing products together with new lines.

Grohe | “Consumers more design conscious than ever before” 2

Airio vessel basin


The sub-brand includes the Grandera bathroom collection, Rainshower Aqua and its latest Airio slimline basins with 5mm thickness and antibacterial glazing.

“We already had luxury products, at a slightly higher price position, within our portfolio but we needed a brand to differentiate that. So, they now have a dedicated home”, explains Lennon.

These have been joined by new products, including the Atrio Private Collection, which offers a choice of brassware finishes with handle options and has already been presented with an iF Red Dot Design Award.

Caesarstone collaboration

As part of the Atrio Private Collection, Grohe has collaborated with Caesarstone to provide marble-effect handles for the brassware.

Grohe | Grohe Spa 1

Grohe Spa Atrio Private Collection


“We understand the trend of customisation and when people people are able to do, they have a more emotional connection to that product because they’ve been part of the process”, Lennon says.

But how did the collaboration come about? “Once we thought of the design concept and how it might work, then we thought about what we could use. We know Caesarstone to be durable, high quality and beautiful product.

“They have a similar audience to us in the sense that they also work with architects and designers and there’s a synergy not just between the product but then also the environment.

“So, it’s possible you could have a Caesarstone handle to match surfacing. It’s just a great fit for us to incorporate some of their materials within the Private Collection and that’s not something that we’ve done so it is a new and exciting avenue for us.”

Grohe Spa offers a portfolio of 900 SKUs, which Lennon admits says “is by no  means enough to complete the bathroom at the moment, so we also have the Professional sub-brand which Grohe Spa products can be combined with, matching finishes, to incorporate into a full bathroom solution.”

And there are already plans in place to expand the Grohe Spa, with the Allure Brilliant added to the Private Collection this year. It will include customisable handles and spouts, with Caesarstone inserts.

Sustainable development

While customisation not only has design advantages, helping architects create bespoke bathorom environments, Lennon says is also a sustainable way to offer variety: “I think choice is always great for designers and architects and customisation is a sustainable way of approaching things, to have one spout but then lots of different options on handles. I really like that idea.”


Grohe | “Consumers more design conscious than ever before” 1

Grohe Spa body jets


Although luxury can be perceived as hedonistic and unrestrained, Karl Lennon says aesthetics work hand-in-hand with sustainability in design: “I’m very much a believer that just because we’re working in luxury, it doesn’t mean we can’t be conscious about sustainability as a manufacturer.”

And the company is already working on the most effective ways of water use, with Grohe set to introduce a water recycling shower – Everstream – in 2024. It also aims to have all its concealed showers water recycling-ready by 2030.

Lennon adds 3D printing, used to create its Allure Brilliant Icon 3D and Atrio Icon 3D,  may also reap opportunities to not further explore brassware customisation in a sustainable way: “I think there is exploration for us to do in 3D printing, when it comes to working in collaboration with an architect or designer on products, as opposed to something that’s necessarily off the shelf. But that would be very exclusive product.

“3D printing is interesting because you use less material and have less wastage.”

Retail concept

Supporting the Grohe Spa sub-brand will be a dedicated website and online product training, as well as instore concept for retailers.

Grohe Spa | “Consumers more design conscious than ever before” 1


However, similarly to the product, retail support is also not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Instead, it is customisable to suit the needs of its showrooms, from mono-branded stores through to vinyettes and pop-up displays .

Karl Lennon adds: “We are in the world of collaboration when it comes to working with our showrooms.

“What we try and do is partner with our customers to support them with how Grohe can fit into their organisation and working lives.

“So whether a showroom partner has got 5sqm or 50sqm, there’s something that we can offer as a solution.”

He concludes: “We believe in collaboration to create the best environment, not just out products but for showrooms too because, ultimately, they are an extension of our product and we want them to shine as bright as we can.”