HiB Q&A | How wider basin choice fuelled Sanitaryware launch

Sales director of HiB Ash Chilver on how demand for wider basin choice fuelled the company's latest Sanitaryware launch and what it means to retailers

18 Apr, 24

Sales director of HiB Ash Chilver on how demand for wider basin choice fuelled the company’s latest Sanitaryware launch and what it means to bathroom retailers

HiB Q&A | Why sanitaryware has been the next step in product development


Q: Why has HiB decided to expand its Sanitaryware offering?

A: HiB’s move to add Sanitaryware as a new category was driven by the solid performance of our current washbasin offering.

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We noticed a rising interest among UK consumers for a wider selection of affordable basins options to enhance their bathroom setups.

With this in mind, we’re focusing on washbasins to provide a diverse yet accessible range that meets customer demands.


Q: Why did HiB decide to release Sanitaryware separate from the company’s other product offering?

A: Recognising the confident consumers have towards more striking bathroom designs, we at HiB have made a thoughtful decision to introduce Sanitaryware as a distinct category.

This move stems from an understanding of our customers’ evolving needs and requirements.

Rather than merely enhancing our existing offerings, we’ve opted to split Sanitaryware from our mirrors, cabinets and furniture lines to better address the demand for bathroom washbasin, brassware and sanitaryware accessory solutions.

Our focus lies in providing versatile options for washbasins that seamlessly integrate into any bathroom design, while also allowing for creative expression.

In essence, it’s a pragmatic yet exciting step forward for HiB and we are really eager to see it evolve.

Sanitaryware is “new chapter” for HiB


Q: Tell us about the new products – what do they consist of?

A: The main feature of the HiB Sanitaryware range is a stunning selection of washbasins offering both style and utility.

One of our most exciting additions is the Entero concrete vessel basin range, featuring six vibrant matt colours and four modern shapes.

Crafted from durable concrete material, these basins offer a standout option to suit a variety of countertops and furniture.

We’re also proud to introduce the Cleo washbasin range, showcasing three beautifully-shaped designs with intricate fluted detailing.

Expanding our offerings, we’ve introduced two new additional brassware finishes, gunmetal and brushed bronze, to our popular Atlas tap range and shower collection, providing a comprehensive selection for our brassware range.

We’ve also expanded our Aero toilet range to include a square option and accompanying accessories. Each piece in our Sanitaryware range is thoughtfully designed to merge aesthetics with functionality, addressing the evolving needs of modern bathrooms.


Q: What will the HiB Sanitaryware offer retailers?

A: HiB Sanitaryware will provide high quality vessel basins that can often carry a luxury tag, yet we’ve managed to make them accessible to a broader consumer base with affordable pricing.

Our focus remains on delivering high-end designs suitable for retailers and designers seeking aspirational bathroom setups, all while ensuring affordability for a wider audience.

HiB Q&A | Why sanitaryware has been a focus of product development


Q: What has been the response from retailers about HiB Sanitaryware so far?

A: What has been received really well is that the washbasins can be universally installed on different bathroom furniture units.

All of the washbasins have a wide appeal, from those seeking sleek designs and with colour to those looking for more traditional options.

Retailers have also complimented the new gunmetal and brushed bronze brassware, and the fact that they match our showers and mirrors in the same finishes.

Although it is still early days, to receive this kind of feedback from retailers is hugely positive and we are looking forward to seeing the Sanitaryware range progress in the coming months and years.


Q: What marketing support is HiB presenting to retailers to support the new launch?

A: We’ve put together a brand new range of display stands, allowing retailers to showcase the Sanitaryware ranges without taking up additional wall space.

But we have also developed a really stunning washbasin display to be mounted on the wall should retailers prefer that option.

We’ve also improved our POS and marketing materials to assist showroom sales.

Additionally, we’re excited about our latest addition, the Sanitaryware brochure. It’s packed with stunning imagery, key features, technical specifications and information, all geared towards helping retailers cater to their customers efficiently.


Q: What do you think the future holds for the market?

A: Looking ahead, I’d say the market presents its challenges, but we’re keeping an optimistic outlook.

We’re focused on investing in product development and enhancing our branding to assist our retailers. Our aim is to ensure that when consumers are ready to make a purchase, they have access to the right products and information, making their bathroom shopping experience as smooth as possible.