Middleby Residential UK | We want people to ask for Novy by name

Sales and marketing director of Middleby Residential UK– Premium Channel, Jenny Hyatt on appliance brand Novy's “aggressive” growth plans

01 Mar, 24

Now owned by Middleby Residential, premium appliance brand Novy is set to exhibit alongside its sister brands Aga and La Cornue at Kbb Birmingham for the first time. Sales and marketing director of Middleby Residential UK– Premium Channel, Jenny Hyatt talks about the brand’s “aggressive” growth plans 

Middleby Residential UK | Wanting people to ask for Novy by brand

Belgian extraction and induction specialist Novy joined US-based Middleby Group in 2021 and this year will see it exhibit as part of the group for the first time at Kbb Birmingham.

Joining the group’s luxury companies, each with a heritage of 100 years, Novy will be on display alongside sister brands Aga and La Cornue.

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Together, this trio creates the Middleby Residential Premium portfolio and will be on a stand opposite stablemate Rangemaster, which targets the mid-market.

It forms a statement of intent of how the group will operate in the UK. 

Sales and marketing director of Middleby Residential UK– Premium channel Jenny Hyatt points out: “The stand is designed in such a way that people can walk in-between the brands. We wanted it to be interconnected.

“It will be the first time we will display the Middleby Residential logo and it’s the start of making people aware we are part of that same organisation, echoing our business in America.

“It’s important to know Novy is part of that bigger organisation and with that comes access to more knowledge and investment.” 

Middleby Residential UK | We want people to ask for Novy by name

Introducing lighting

At Kbb Birmingham, Novy will showcase its built-in extraction products including ceiling hoods, with a large focus on recirculation island models, as well as its vented induction hobs. 

And joining these will be its new gesture-controlled Designer Lighting, which has been named a finalist in Kbb Birmingham’s Innovation Award.  

Supported by the Middleby Group, Novy acquired Netherlands-based lighting company Jansen & de Bont to make touch-free lamps for the brand at its HQ Kuurne, Belgium.

It has also invested in an “invaluable” London Experience Centre at Halcyon Interiors in Wigmore Street, showcasing the Designer Lighting alongside its extraction and induction appliances.  

“The lighting is so stylish, performs so well and is innovative, it will obviously be a big story of the Kbb Birmingham show, but we will also focus on the Panorama downdraft extraction as well as island hoods with recirculation extraction for enhanced sustainability”, says Jenny Hyatt. 

Middleby Residential UK | Wanting people to ask for Novy by brand 1

Expanding sales

With a “solid” retail base including the likes of premium retailers Simon Taylor Furniture and Searle & Taylor Kitchens, Hyatt says Novy has plans to add to its network at Kbb Birmingham.

It is seeking retailers who appreciate the importance of quality extraction and focus on top-end consumers, as Hyatt adds: “I think it will become one of the determining factors in future kitchen specification.”

She continues: “Retailers don’t have to be the biggest, but they must deal with discerning clients at the top end of the kitchen retail market.” 

Novy is also seeking growth through its existing retailer network, by introducing the lighting category. “We want to reach all of our existing retailers and possible future retailers with the new lighting category.

“There’s still a lot of retailers who haven’t had the opportunity to see those products first-hand at our London Experience Centre.”  

She reports Middleby has bold plans for the growth of the Novy brand, as it nears the first year of trading under the group’s ownership. “We have plans to take Novy forward, quite aggressively, in the next three years.

“The market remains difficult and challenging for everyone, but this year we expect reasonable growth and expect to build on that.”

She explains the growth will be through taking market share: “Taking market share is our raison d’etre. We want to make sure Novy is the brand of choice not just for retailers but consumers as well.” 

With ambitious targets for growth this year, Jenny Hyatt says it will be driven by new product extensions to the Novy brand, as well as greater consumer recognition.

“There are new products coming from Novy later this year, and into next year, and there will be other opportunities for us with more product”.

However, Hyatt refuses to be drawn on what the market can expect. She teasingly adds: “We do have lots of technology and experience within the group. That’s all I’ll say.” 

Middleby Residential UK | Wanting people to ask for Novy by brand 2


Supporting retailers 

Having built a reputation with retailers, and alongside a growing, dedicated sales team, Novy has also invested in UK stock. “If an order comes in today, it can be dispatched today or tomorrow at the latest, and it can be with the retailer within two days maximum”, explains Hyatt.  

However, arguably its greatest support for retailers is driving consumer awareness, responding to retailer and buying group feedback.

“Our competitors are really well known with consumers and we’d like people to walk into the showroom and say I want Novy”, admits Hyatt.

Alongside its presence on social media, Novy will work with its retailers on consumer-facing marketing activity.

“With our other brands, we host events instore to promote the products. It’s not just about consumer advertising, we do a lot more cooking-based activity”, explains Hyatt and expects to confirm retailer events within the first half of 2024. 

Group growth

Hyatt explains the opportunities are great for the Novy brand, including “very, very early” discussions about the possibility for a second Experience Centre in the North of England.

It follows the success of Novy’s relationship with Halcyon Interiors on Wigmore Street, which she reports as “above and beyond our expectations”. The brand uses the current space for displays, collaborations, training and events. 

And Hyatt points Novy could be joined by more luxury brands in an expanded Middleby Premium Residential portfolio: “I’m sure we will have other brands added to the portfolio in the course of time.”

Hyatt states the group is in the process of seeking approval for its Viking brand for UK and Europe, and adds: “We have some very strong outdoor brands like Lynx and Char-Griller, which complements the kitchen products we have. So yes, there’s some very exciting opportunities ahead of us.” 

She concludes: “We don’t underestimate how much of a challenge it will be, but we’re in it for the long haul. We’ve got great foundations, fabulous brands and products, and we will make a success of this without a doubt.”