RAK Ceramics Q&A | CookingRAK is “one of a kind” hidden induction

Sales and marketing director of RAK Ceramics Ben Bryden explains the CookingRAK concept, which will be available through KBB retailers.

06 Jun, 23

Sales and marketing director of RAK Ceramics Ben Bryden explains the CookingRAK concept, unveiled at Clerkenwell Design Week 2023, and which will be available through KBB retailers.

RAK Ceramics Q&A | CookingRAK is "one of a kind" hidden induction

Q: Can you explain the CookingRAK concept?

A: CookingRAK is a “one-of-a-kind” hidden induction cooking system. Designed to create a multi-functional kitchen space, for daily use, the system is integrated into the countertop, opening possibilities for users to prepare, cook and dine in the same space; a seamlessly designed kitchen top made for dining and entertaining.

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The technology combines the high-performance of RAK Ceramics porcelain slabs, with an induction system that operates through a magnetic field.

CookingRAK is exclusively produced with RAK Ceramics porcelain slabs in 14.5mm thickness and 1355 x3050 mm size. It can be chosen in a wide range of colour schemes.

Q: Why did you decide to make this move into a new business area?

A: Surface design is a familiar product category for us, in fact as a specialist in ceramic and porcelain wall and floor tiles, RAK Ceramics produces 118 million square metres of tiles per year.

With CookingRAK we are using our expertise in surfaces and the production of porcelain in a completely new way, bringing an innovation in cooking and kitchen design to the fore.

Porcelain has always been the ideal choice for kitchen countertops as it is a durable material resistant to heat, stain, and scratch. It is also resistant to moisture and doesn’t easily stain, making it easy to clean. Combine this with all the advantages of induction technology and you have the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality.

RAK Ceramics introduces ‘invisible’ cooking system

Q: What investment has this project required and how has the business transformed to create CookingRAK?

A: This is part of the huge effort that RAK Ceramics started years ago in repositioning the brand as a lifestyle solution provider.

This strategy is based on product category integration between the business units and product innovations, based on the pillars Technology, Sustainability and Design.

This is what brought Rak Ceramics to the current status of a global brand.

Q: What is the size and scale of the cooking concept (in terms of SKUs)?

A: The “one of a kind” system is available with four cooking zones. The application of it, is customisable, thanks to the choice of 60 surfaces and finishes and it can be installed indoors or outdoors.

RAK Ceramics Q&A | CookingRAK is "one of a kind" hidden induction 1

Q: What channels are you using to ultimately sell this product to an end-user?

A: CookingRAK will be available through our UK retailer network who will have the opportunity to incorporate the innovation into their showroom displays as working models.

It’s a level of design and technology that needs to be seen in action to be really appreciated, particularly when it comes to alleviate consumer concerns around safety of the hot appliance, and this gives the independent KBB retailer a way of encouraging consumers to visit their showroom in person.

Customers and designers can book an appointment for a demo at our Design Hub in London.


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