Vado | How Cameo launch paved the way to broaden bathroom brand

Vado has introduced Cameo furniture and ceramics, becoming a generalist bathroom manufacturer. Product and marketing director Angela Neve explains why

01 Jul, 24

Brassware manufacturer Vado has introduced the Cameo range of furniture and ceramics, becoming a generalist bathroom supplier. Product and marketing director of Vado Angela Neve explains why

Vado | Cameo role

Q: Why did you decide to launch into furniture and ceramics and why now?

A: At Vado we have always received frequent feedback from our customers asking: ‘‘why don’t you do it?’’ and that is exactly why, due to high demand from our loyal customers.

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This has been a flattering position to be in, especially in a competitive market, where we have become very trusted for our brassware with the attention to detail and quality assurances we provide, alongside our commitment to in-house development and design in the UK giving us a distinctive edge.

Our product designs undeniably have that X Factor, which is why our customers have been eager for us to extend our expertise to the rest of the bathroom.

After careful consideration, we decided that now is the perfect time to expand.

The market, though challenging in the wake of COVID, is showing promising signs of recovery. We want to be perfectly positioned to capitalise on this growth and offer a comprehensive, one-stop-shop solution for our customers.

Vado | Cameo role 1

Q: Why did you choose the name Cameo?

A: When we are creating a new product, we feel it is important for our names to have a meaning and a relevant backstory, Cameo is no exception.

At Vado we absolutely live and breathe bathrooms recognising their essential role in daily life, however, we understand that for our end consumers, bathrooms often function quietly in the background. P

eople don’t typically think about their bathroom’s appearance or functionality although we rely on it every day; it’s just there, fulfilling its purpose.

The name “Cameo” embodies this concept perfectly. A cameo, often a supporting yet significant role, reflects how our brassware and furniture contribute to the larger picture.

Our products play a vital role in enhancing the bathroom experience through meticulous attention to detail.

They may not always be in the spotlight, but they ensure that every aspect of the bathroom is functional and enjoyable.


Q: What is the size and scale of the range and how long did it take to create?

A: Cameo is a sizable range designed to offer a multitude of mix-and-match options.

The brassware is available in four finishes: Chrome, Matt Black, Satin Brass, and Matt White. Our furniture comes in five on-trend, yet timeless finishes: Atlantic Blue, Cove Blue, Natural Oak, Pink Clay, and White.

I believe we’ve crafted something special by ensuring our brassware coordinates perfectly with each furniture finish.

Depending on how you combine these finishes, you can create an array of highly individual looks. Opt for an opulent feel with Atlantic Blue and Satin Brass, a feminine touch with Pink Clay and Matt White, or a clean, fresh look with Matt White and Cove Blue.

The range includes furniture in multitude of sizes and different basin options, from countertop to bowl basins, allowing consumers to create a unique identity.

Our matching mirrors and radiators complete the look.

We began developing the brassware about 14 months before launch, while the furniture and sanitaryware followed shortly after with a 12-month development period.

With all design work done in-house in the UK, our capable engineering team easily aligned on the design direction, ensuring consistency across all components and SKUs.

Vado | Cameo role 2

Q: What investment and changes have you had to make at the company to become more of a generalist than a specialist brassware manufacturer?

A: Vado has almost been a victim of its own success over the last few years.

As our sales have continued to grow, the volume of shipments has increased, necessitating more warehousing and operational space.

Up until recently, we were operating out of five separate warehouses, adding new ones as we expanded.

We realised this approach was no longer efficient, so we have now moved to a single, larger warehouse site in Bridgwater, Somerset, where we are in the process of consolidating all our warehousing operations into this one location.

This move will significantly streamline our services, improve delivery efficiency and future-proof our business.

With this consolidated space, we can stock a wider range of products that allows us to continue to grow and expand.

Q: Why should a retailer opt for a one-stop shop, such as Vado, instead of specialist ceramic and furniture manufacturer?

A: Our retailers have been requesting this for some time, and it comes down to a deep understanding of Vado’s commitment to quality.

If you know Vado, you recognise the exceptional attention to detail and the fact all our design work is done in-house.

This provides retailers with peace of mind, knowing they are offering products of exceptional quality, meticulously tested to ensure they are fit for purpose in both the short and long-term.

We place significant emphasis on sustainability, aiming to move away from a disposable culture.

We want customers to invest in products that will look fantastic for many years to come, even in the busiest of homes.

Additionally, Vado has an outstanding aftersales support network.

Retailers can quickly and easily reach a real person to discuss any challenges or issues that results in a quick and effective resolution.

This level of support ensures that retailers feel confident and supported, even in the rare event that an issue may arise.

The fact more manufacturers are offering one-stop solutions is a positive development.

It ensures the end consumer receives a well-considered bathroom with products that have been designed to work seamlessly together.

This approach can only be a good step in the right direction to enhance the overall customer experience.

Vado | Cameo role 3

Q: What was the reaction like at its launch at Kbb Birmingham, and did it meet with expectations?

A: The reception at our stand was beyond our wildest expectations.

Our showcase of new products certainly made waves, sparking a frenzy of excitement among attendees.

It was evident our innovations had struck a chord, igniting conversations and leaving a lasting impression on everyone who experienced them firsthand.

It’s moments like these that remind us why we’re passionate about what we do and fuel our drive to keep pushing forward, delivering products that not only meet but exceed expectations.

With this momentum behind us, we’re more excited than ever to build on the momentum generated at the event and embark on the next phase of our journey.

The response we received was nothing short of phenomenal, leaving us truly humbled and excited for what’s to come.

Q: Will you be expanding the Cameo collection and if so, when?

A: Vado has plans to expand the Cameo collection and is currently working on several exciting developments coming early 2025. Baths are something we are considering for the future, so stay tuned for updates on those

Our current focus right now is to ensure retailers are well-supported and confident in how to effectively sell the portfolio.

Once we see significant traction and success with the initial launch, we will promptly move forward with the second phase to continue building on that momentum.